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Celebrating Bibaha Panchami in Janakpur

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Vivaha Panchami Festival in Janaki Temple Janakpurdham

Today is Mansir Shukla Panchami Tithi, which means Bibaha Panchami. On this day in the Treta Yuga, Lord Rama and ideal woman Sita got married on this day.

It is customary to marry Ram and Sita during the week-long festival of marriage every year. As it is said that Ram and Sita were married in Janakpur, the capital of ancient Mithila, in Treta Yuga, in the present day, there is a tradition of marrying Ram Janaki's Dola in Janakpur according to Vedic tradition.

Lakhs of pilgrims have now come to Janakpurdham to participate in the wedding Panchami. Tent pandals have been set up in places for their accommodation.

Today in the afternoon, under the leadership of Sadhusant, the Dola of Lord Ram will be taken from the Ram temple and the Dola of Janaki will be taken out from the Janaki temple and reach the historical Bahrabigha Rangbhumi ground.

Thousands of pilgrims flock to Bahrabigha Maidan to see Dola's darshan and Ramjanaki's Swayambar.

After Swayambar, Ram and Janaki's Dola is circumambulated and the wedding ceremony starts from evening and reaches the Janaki temple.

For the marriage of Ram and Sita, a wedding mandap or marba has been built in the courtyard of the Janaki temple. The Janaki temple is decorated for the marriage of Ram and Janaki.

Cultural programs including Jhanki Kirtan are organized in the marriage ceremony. Thousands of pilgrims throng the Janaki temple to see it.

In the marriage ceremony, Ram Giri, the mahant of Ram Temple, plays the role of King Dasharatha, the father of Lord Rama, and Ramatapeshwar Das Baishnav, the mahant of Janaki Temple, plays the role of Sita's father, King Janak.

On the first day of Sitaram Vihapanchami Mahots, which is celebrated throughout the week, city darshan, second-day Phulwari Leela, third day Dhanush Yagya, fourth-day Tilkotsav, fifth-day Matkor and puja program have been completed.

Sitaram's wedding program will be completed today. Ramroshan Das Baisnav, the co-mahant of Janaki temple, informed that the marriage fifth festival will be concluded in a formal manner by performing Ramkalewa on Tuesday and bidding farewell to the people and saints.

Janakpur has been crowded with pilgrims from various parts of Nepal and neighboring countries of India to observe Vivah Panchami.

Internal and external monks and pilgrims have been coming to Janakpur since a week ago. Even now thousands of pilgrims are coming. The pilgrims who came stayed in Bahravigha Maidan, Janaki temple courtyard, street box, various monasteries, kuttis and organizations. Due to the lack of proper management of the accommodation by the concerned parties, they have to live under the open sky in Janki temple premises and street shelters even at night.

It can be seen in cultural programs like giving a glimpse of the dying art cultures of Mithila on Vijaya Panchami. It also includes children performing plays as Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, tableaux, dancing, singing hymns, and worshiping God. This makes the devotees very excited.

Various organizations and local clubs have organized free accommodation, food, treatment, and making for pilgrims from outside.

In some places, temporary toilets have been constructed and drinking water has been managed. Keeping in mind the Indian tourists who come on Vivah Panchami, Nepal Railway has increased its services.

Nepal Railway has operated the Bijalpura Janakpur Jayanagar train service three times now. The local administration has tightened the security system of Janakpurdham in view of Vivah Panchami. More than 1000 policemen have been mobilized in the city area and the police have been mobilized in plain clothes.