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Dashain Festival was Celebrated in Gorkha in the month of Bhadra

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Dashain Festival was Celebrated in Gorkha in the month of Bhadra

According to astronomy, the time decreases by 3 and a half seconds every day. If this condition persists, it will be delayed by 1 day in 72 years. Nepal has had the same calendar continuously for 2,000 years. According to the same calendar, social and religious rites have been going on. Some experts claim that Nepal is one month late in the current implementation according to the calendar.

Due to this, Dashain is celebrated in Gorkha one month in advance. In Siranchok Municipality of Gorkha and some villages of Gorkha Municipality, the tenth day starts from the day of Bhadau Shukla Pratipada. In other places, the tenth day of Asoj Shukla Pratipada is celebrated, but the tenth day has been celebrated in these villages since August 2068 BS.

In these villages which are in the festival reform movement, the tenth day is traditionally celebrated by regular activities. This year, Kartik 1 has been established. According to the calendar, it is customary to celebrate the tenth day of Asoj Shukla Pratipada for 15 days. But in some villages of Gorkha, Dashain was celebrated on Friday. Saying that the festival needs to be improved and the current calendar is not in order, they celebrated the tenth one month earlier than usual. For the past eight years, people have been celebrating Dashain in Gorkha one month before Vijayadashami.

These villages are not considered another Dashain. He says, ‘Because of Covid-19, this year has not been as bright as before. But as Dashain celebrated in Ashoj, it is also enjoyed in Dashain. They have boycotted another Dashain. 'Considering science and tradition, Dashain should be moved a month earlier. A proposal was also taken to the Council of Ministers in 2067 BS to improve the calendar. They have also suggested removing Chaitra month. No decision has been made about this.

Under the leadership of Engineer Harinarayan Malla, who has been campaigning for the betterment of the festival, the residents of different parts of Gorkha have been celebrating Vijayadashami every month for a decade. They also vaccinated students in community schools right now. According to the members of the National Implementation Committee for Festival Reforms, the celebration of Dashain started one month ago based on the decision of the Council of Ministers. Chairman of the Panchang Judging Committee Prada Ram Chandra Gautam, on the other hand, said that only the noise of Lahad was spread.