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First Madhesh Pradesh Youth Festival Concluded by issuing a 20-point Declaration

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First Madhesh Pradesh Youth Festival Concluded by issuing a 20-point Declaration

The first Youth Festival in Madhesh has concluded with the issuance of a 20-point declaration. The festival, which was inaugurated at the meeting hall of Janakpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday, was organized by the Ministry of Women, Children, Youth, and Sports.

The manifesto was issued after Madhesh Manthan, Madhesh Jagran, Madhesh Hatiya, Cultural Evening, and Madhesh Values ​​program.

In the manifesto presented by youth engineer Anand Kumar Sahani, it has been concluded that the government at all three levels should be youth-friendly. It has been suggested that the cities should start from the local government as they cannot be youth friendly but also provinces.

The manifesto of the festival, which has a common slogan for a prosperous Madhesh state, states that efforts will be made to ensure employment by providing free higher education and technical education to the marginalized communities of the state including Haruwa Charuwa, the Dalit community, and youth representing the Muslim community.

In order to increase the self-employment of the youth, in coordination with the local level, a mechanism will be set up at the initiative of the Ministry of the State to ensure training and financial literacy classes.

With the increasing digitalization, the youths have access to technology and they are falling prey to misinformation, misinformation, and hate speech.

It is stated in the declaration that necessary awareness programs will be organized by making various policy arrangements to protect the youth from addiction.

It is mentioned in the planning of the ministry that the participation of the youth will be made mandatory and a budget will be allocated for the development of the youth.

It is mentioned that for the meaningful participation of the youth in the development work, in coordination with the local level, arrangements will be made for the capacity building and institutional development of the youth groups in the state.

It has been decided to make appropriate arrangements for the overall development of the youth of the state institutionally and for this, other initiatives will be taken along with the policy arrangements for the construction of necessary structures including the state youth council.

The festival aims to take necessary steps to create a separate mechanism to curb the risk of cross-border addiction, human trafficking, and other criminal activities in the Madhesh state bordering India.

Giving priority to the ideas of the youth and giving priority to the appropriate ideas for the development of self-employment, it is stated in the declaration that necessary initiatives will be taken by allocating funds for the implementation of those ideas.

Mentioning that necessary arrangements will be made for the protection and development of youths with all types of disabilities, sexual and minority youths, and backward youths, the declaration also resolved to take appropriate initiatives to ensure their political participation.

It has been mentioned that effective initiatives will be taken for the proper and effective implementation of the laws for the reduction of the dowry system and other harmful social values ​​in society.

A resolution has been taken in the declaration to ensure inclusion by representing the youth and other concerned sectors in the various committees to be formed on youth issues in the state.

The declaration states that formal education, as well as lifelong learning and lifelong learning, will be provided for the youth.

Highly appreciate the campaigns of the youths involved in various campaigns, they have been given due place in the programs of this ministry, psycho-social counseling, legal protection, and other necessary arrangements for the protection of women affected by various forms of violence and human trafficking.

Similarly, it is mentioned that necessary arrangements will be made to conduct disaster reduction activities for the leadership participation of the youth as Madheshh Pradesh is disaster risk-sensitive.

As Madhesh Pradesh is a region with high potential in the field of agriculture, it has been decided to make necessary arrangements for capacity building including necessary materials for the career development of the youths engaged in this work.

For the physical and mental development of the youth in the state, it has been decided to make necessary arrangements for sports and gymnasiums and to take necessary initiatives in coordination with the concerned agencies to make the health services provided under the state youth-friendly.

It is also mentioned in the declaration that necessary arrangements will be made for the support of various research activities conducted under the leadership of the youth and periodic review of the programs will also be conducted periodically.

Finally, the government has taken the initiative to make Madheshh a youth-friendly state of the country by coordinating, cooperating, and cooperating with all the youths and all concerned bodies.

Heroes of Madhesh have been honored in the festival. The heroes of Madhesh who were born in Madhesh and made a name for themselves through their work and contribution in the country and abroad have been honored at the festival.

Among the honorees are Dr. Ramji Ram, International Cricketer Maibub Alam, Entrepreneur Amar Mandal, Miss Nepal Universe Sandhya Sharma, Underage Deputy Mayor of Kalyanpur Municipality Rekha Kumari Yadav, Choreographer Ashwini Kumar Jha, Surendra Mahato Physical Fitness Player, and Young Engineer Bikash Kumar Thakur.

While being honored, Dr. Ram expressed his happiness at the Ministry of Sports of Madhesh Pradesh for encouraging the talents and awakening of the youth. ‘There are difficulties in youth. I don't have the courage. There are teachers in it. There are parents. You succeed when you face difficulties, 'he said.

Mentioning that the power to bring the country on track in any situation is the youth, he reminded that the youth will be at the forefront of the rescue in the coming floods and landslides in Madhesh. He suggested the ministry show the way by focusing on the enthusiasm of the youth.

International cricketer Alam said that he has succeeded in making the name of Madhesh known in the international arena. ‘I have received a Guinness Book of Records in the name of the nation. With Madhesh, with the country, they succeeded, 'he said,' I have been playing since I was 18 years old. With the encouragement and support of the Madhesh, I will continue to make progress. '

The Udyami Mandal, which has become a source of inspiration for the youth in Madhesh after returning from foreign employment, suggested that the youth should be involved in agriculture and entrepreneurship. "The goal is to get rid of the tendency to buy and eat your own products. We are helping with this. We are also trying to make electric machines. The person who tries succeeds. He earned less than one lakh abroad. He used to repair tools. We are trying to bring modern tools, ”he said.

Miss Nepal Sharma, a resident of Mahottari, said that she has been trying to conserve the Chure and appealed to the youth to support her. "I want to move forward in coordination with the state government. I appeal to the youth to take part in Chure conservation. If chure conservation is not done now, it will be a big challenge in 10 years, 'she said.

Sharma said that Madhesh is backward in thinking. "There are young deputy mayors here. I am Miss Nepal. From here, Asha Singh is AIG. We are left behind, 'she said.

Choreographer Jha, who has been running the Mrs. Nepal contest by running Rivon Entertainment, said that success will be achieved if efforts are made. "Initially, I had obstacles. They were tearing it apart. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The state should use the youth energy, 'he said.

Physical fitness player Mahato appealed to the youth to donate one hour in 24 hours. "It's not hard to get out in an hour. Stamina is needed in sports. If the youth become strong, there will be an opportunity to identify the country, 'he said.

Young engineer Thakur said that he has been active in the youth sector for the past seven years and is also a media entrepreneur. ‘Youth is a state of play with challenges and challenges. I achieved this determination. The youth here should also try. Success follows, 'he told the youth.

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