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First National Biotechnology Conference 2023

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First National Biotechnology Conference 2023

National Biotechnology Conference 2023: Connecting Academia and Industry for Biotechnology Development in Nepal

Department of Biotechnology, Kathmandu University is delighted to announce the National Biotechnology Conference 2023, the first-ever national-level conference on biotechnology in Nepal. This conference aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the field of biotechnology by discussing the opportunities and challenges faced by Nepal. The conference is set to take place at Kathmandu University, where participants from different disciplines will come together to share their knowledge and ideas.

Thematic Areas:

The conference will cover a wide range of thematic areas related to biotechnology, including bioinformatics, microbiology, pharmaceutical and healthcare, environmental and agriculture technology, food and dairy technology, medical and health biotechnology, forensic science, and industrial biotechnology.

Registration Fee:

Early Bird Registration Fee:

  • Students: NPR 1500
  • Faculties and Researchers: NPR 2500
  • Accompanying Person: NPR 2500
  • International Students: USD 25
  • International Faculties: USD 30

Standard Registration Fee:

  • Students: NPR 2000
  • Faculties and Researchers: NPR 3000
  • Accompanying Person: NPR 3000
  • International Students: USD 30
  • International Faculties: USD 35

Please note that the registration fee includes a conference pass, a comprehensive conference kit, meals, snacks, refreshments for two days, a certificate of attendance, and round-trip transportation to and from Kathmandu via the bus service provided by Kathmandu University.

Contact Information:

For more information about the conference, please contact the organizers at phone number 011-415100 or email at [email protected]. Interested participants can also visit the conference website for more details.

The Department of Biotechnology is proud to announce the First National Biotechnology Conference 2023, the first-ever national-level conference on biotechnology in Nepal. The conference is scheduled for May 11th and 12th at Kathmandu University and is widely anticipated.

The main aim of the conference is to address the challenges and opportunities faced by biotechnology in Nepal by connecting academia of different disciplines with its industrial counterparts. The conference will provide a platform for attendees to learn about the latest breakthroughs in biotechnology and share their experiences through keynote lectures, roundtable discussions, online sessions, and oral and poster presentations.

Expert speakers from various fields will be sharing their knowledge and discussing the latest advancements in biotechnology. The conference will also provide attendees with the opportunity to network with academic and business professionals and learn about educational and job opportunities in the field.

Overall, the First National Biotechnology Conference 2023 promises to be an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in biotechnology to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities in the field and connect with like-minded professionals.

  • The conference will cover 14 topics related to biotechnology.
  • There will be a total of 28 speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise at the conference.
  • The conference will last for 2 days.
  • The expected number of attendees for the conference is 1875.
  • Early bird registration for the conference opens on February 12th.
  • The deadline for early bird registration is April 8th.
  • The deadline for standard registration is April 25th.
  • The deadline for abstract submission is May 1st.
  • Attendees will receive confirmation of the acceptance of their abstract by May 5th.
  • The conference will take place on May 11th and 12th, with May 11th being Conference Day 1 and May 12th being Conference Day 2.

FAQ about Conference:

Q: What is the name and theme of the conference?

A: The name of the conference is "Biotechnology Conference 2023" and the theme is "Opportunities and Challenges of Biotechnology in Nepal."

Q: When and where is the conference taking place?

A: The conference is taking place at Kathmandu University during the 11th and 12th of May 2023.

Q: What is the conference about?

A: The conference will revolve around the theme of opportunities and challenges of Biotechnology in Nepal. Expert speakers will share their knowledge on various fields of biotechnology and attendees will be able to network with the professionals as well as participate in events such as oral and poster presentations, round-table discussions, and many more.

Q: Who is hosting the conference?

A: The conference is being hosted by the Department of Biotechnology, Kathmandu University. It will take place at Kathmandu University. Please refer to the Committee Section for more information on the Organizing Committee.

Q: Who can take participate in the conference?

A: All the students of biological science (including but not limited to Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food Technology, Agriculture, Forestry, and Biochemistry) are encouraged to participate in the event. Further, researchers from diverse fields and people from the biotechnology industry are invited to visit the conference.

Q: How long is the conference?

A: The conference is 2 days long with an event on each day from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Registration Application Link:

For more details and to Apply for the conference please Click Here