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Free Vocational Skills Training and Employment Opportunities at Dhanusha, Rautahat, and Sarlahi

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Free Training Offers

Free Vocational Skills Training and Employment Opportunities at Dhanusha, Rautahat, and Sarlahi

The Government of Nepal, in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply, is providing free vocational skills training and employment opportunities to its citizens. This initiative, called the Rural Enterprise and Remittance Project, aims to support and empower unemployed men and women in Nepal.

Training Courses and Places

The Rural Enterprise and Remittance Project is offering Level 1 free training in Welding, Electrician, and Computer Hardware Technician courses. The training will take place in Rautahat, Dhanusha, and Sarlahi, providing participants with the necessary skills to enter these professions.

Eligibility and Preference Basis of Applicant

To be eligible for the program, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 40, economically disadvantaged youth within the project area/district/village/municipality who want to be employed in the same profession after training, and must have completed the required educational qualifications specified in the syllabus. Women, family members of those who have returned from foreign employment or are employed abroad, and youth from economically disadvantaged and socially discriminated communities will be given priority.

Required Documents for Application

Applicants must attach a copy of their citizenship certificate or voter ID card or driver's license, two recent passport size photographs, and if applicable, documents indicating any special condition they may have.

Where to obtain and submit the form

Interested individuals may obtain the application form from the concerned municipality office and ward offices, or from the contact person of the organization, Gandaki Polytechnic Institute Pvt. Ltd., in Kathmandu. The completed application form can be submitted to the same office or contact person.

Important Dates and Contact Information

The last date for submitting the application form is 2079/12/20, and the training will commence on 2079/12/24, with a completion date of 2080/03/08. The training duration is 390 hours (65 days).

This program is an excellent opportunity for Nepalese citizens to acquire valuable vocational skills and secure employment opportunities. The eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that disadvantaged groups have equal access to this program. Interested individuals who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply.

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