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Happy Father's Day / Kushe Aunsi

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Happy Fathers Day

Kushe Aunsi (Babu Ko Mukh Herne Din) means today is the day to see the father's face. On this day, people honor their fathers by giving them delicious food and nice clothes.

On this day, the face of the father is seen, i.e. it is celebrated as Father's Day, and it is believed that those who do not have parents pay tribute to their ancestors by performing Shraddha, Tarpan, Donation, Puny, and become a pious spirit.

Father's Day is the day of Bhadrakrishna Amavasya. The ruler of the night of Amavasya is Pitru. As people remember their parents especially during the darkest night of life, both those days are observed on the day of Amavasya.

According to cultural expert Hariram Joshi, children are the image of their parents. Therefore, honoring parents means that sons and daughters know themselves by themselves, looking at the past and walking on the path of progress.

We should guide ourselves by remembering yesterday. Joshi says that Mother and Father's Day can be observed in the context of this fact.

On this day, it is customary for the children to bring different kinds of sweets and many other gifts to the living parents.

Apart from this, in the memory of the departed parents, they go to the Gokarna shrine and bathe and give tarpan as a tribute.

It is also an old practice for those who cannot go to the respective pilgrimage to go directly to their priests or Brahmins and donate directly.

Similarly, according to culture expert Purushottam Lochan Shrestha, the tradition of looking at the father's face has been going on since the Vedic period. Because the paternal side is also important in this. It is also customary to call this day Kushe Aunsi and Gokarna Aunsi.

On this day, especially those who are going to be fathers look alive. But there is also a custom for those who do not have a father to go to the holy place Triveni, i.e. the confluence of two rivers and perform Pitru Shraddha.

"Today, there is a crowd in Gorkana. It is believed that this tradition has been going on since ancient times," he says, "In our society, it is also a day to show love and respect to the father for the married daughters. This day is a day to show respect to the father.”

According to culture expert Shrestha, we find that everyone is given an equal place in Nepali culture. For example, there is a culture of giving respect to elders and love and affection to children. Accordingly, every day is special for the father who brought him to earth. However, today has been designated as a special day.

Shrestha says, "In our society, there is a custom of taking parents as real Shiva Parvati. Philosophically speaking, all men of Sanskar are Mahadev and all women are Parvati. That's how the concept was developed."

"Furthermore, it is customary to respect them even when they are alive and to respect them even after they are dead. Kushe Aunsi or Gorkan Aunsi is a beautiful example of this," he said.

Shrestha adds, that there is respect till the end of life and confidence that the father remains the father even after passing away therefore Hindus believe that they will always be immortal.

Even if the physical body is destroyed, it is customary to perform Shraddha every year with respect and on this day, it is customary to honor the living father and ancestors by remembering them.