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Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Race Festival Set to Boost Tourism in Pokhara

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Dragon Boat Race Festival

Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Race Festival Set to Boost Tourism in Pokhara

The scenic city of Pokhara in Nepal is gearing up to host the inaugural Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Race Festival, a collaborative effort between the Nepal Tourism Board, Chinese Embassy in Nepal, and Pokhara Metropolitan City. Scheduled to take place on June 23-24, 2023, the festival aims to strengthen cultural ties and enhance people-to-people relations between Nepal and China while attracting more Chinese tourists to Nepal.

Exciting Preparations Underway in Pokhara

Preparations for the highly anticipated festival are in full swing at the Phewatal Kinar Camping Chowk in Pokhara. The Pokhara Tourism Council and the Chinese Overseas Association Pokhara are providing their support to make the event a grand success. Notably, eight specially designed boats from China have been brought to Pokhara to participate in the thrilling boat race.

The Ultimate Dragon Boat Race Competition

The highlight of the festival will be an exhilarating boat race between eight teams, with four representing China and four representing Nepal. The race will feature two distances: 500 meters and 1000 meters. Distinguished guests from China are expected to grace the occasion and contribute to the festival's vibrancy. The council president, Mr. Pomnarayan Shrestha, believes that this event will play a crucial role in promoting Pokhara as a preferred destination for Chinese tourists. He states, "Pokhara has already become a popular choice among Chinese visitors. By hosting the festival at Fewatal, we aim to attract even more Chinese tourists in the future."

Cultural Delights and Gastronomic Feasts

In addition to the thrilling boat race, the Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Race Festival will showcase the rich cultural heritage of both nations. Attendees will have the opportunity to savor authentic Nepali and Chinese cuisine while enjoying captivating cultural performances. The fusion of these cultural elements is expected to create a memorable experience for all participants and spectators.

Anticipated International Participation

The festival is set to witness the arrival of 260 individuals, including 60 athletes, who will charter a plane specifically for the Nepal-China Dragon Boat Race Festival. The Chinese team will make use of the recently inaugurated Pokhara International Airport, which has bolstered connectivity between the two countries. To ensure the success of the event, two chartered planes are being arranged from China, indicating the significance and excitement surrounding this festival.

Investing in the Future

The Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Race Festival is not only a celebration of sports and culture but also an opportunity for economic growth. It is estimated that approximately Rs. 25 million will be invested in organizing this festival. The expected increase in Chinese tourists visiting Pokhara and Nepal as a whole will contribute to the local economy and foster mutually beneficial relationships between the two nations.

As the first edition of this festival unfolds, it holds the promise of becoming a flagship event that strengthens the friendship and collaboration between Nepal and China. With its breathtaking scenery, cultural diversity, and warm hospitality, Pokhara is poised to capture the hearts of Chinese tourists, leaving an indelible mark on their travel experiences.

Published on 8th June 2023

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