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Opportunity of Free Residential Training from Right4Children Pokhara

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Right4Children Notice

Let's get the opportunity of free residential training, learn skills and become self-reliant through employment. Right4Children has been conducting various free trainings for girls / women in the age group of 18 to 24 years with the financial and technical support of Plan International Nepal.

In addition to training, it has been providing English language, life skills and computer training and gender protection training. The organization will also provide assistance for employment after the training.

Training will be conducted by Right4Children in collaboration with various training providers as per the syllabus of CTEVT. Interested girls / women who have reached the age can come to this office and fill the application form, or you can also fill the application form by phone. There is no charge for filling up the form and any title.

S.N. Training Programs Required Qualification
1 Reception Cum cashier  Passed Class 10
2 Retails and Sales  Passed Class 10
3 Security guard  Passed Class 8
4 Waiter  Passed Class 10
5 Housekeeping Literate (can read and Write)

In the training, priority will be given to the girls / women of the following target groups:

- Economically / socially backward girls / girls who dropped out of school

- Women of Dalit, Janajati groups

- Single women, victims of domestic violence, returning from correctional facilities, landless or conflict victims girls / women

- Girls / women in Pokhara who have not had the opportunity of free training in the past and are looking for employment from outside the district

Documents required to fill the form:

1) Certificate of Nepali citizenship

2) 2 copies of passport size photo taken recently

Training related services:

1) Arrangement of transportation and lunch during the training period

2) Provision of all learning materials related to training

3) Arrangement of child care during the training period

4) Arrangement of free accommodation during the training period

Selection Process: For the interview the organization will contact itself and if necessary a home visit will be made.

Note: Offices will be closed on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Training subjects required educational qualifications

Contact Details:

Right for children

Pokhara-7, Ratnachowk, near Janapriya College

Email: [email protected]


061-465176 (Office), 9802858048 / 9816130615 (Manu Nepali), 9802858049 (Parvati Officer)

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