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Shanti Niketan School Pokhara Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Event 12 Feb 2024 199 0

Shanti Niketan School Pokhara Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Shanti Niketan School Pokhara Celebrates 18th Anniversary, Parents' Day, and Prize Distribution Ceremony

Shanti Niketan School in Pokhara jubilantly commemorated its 18th anniversary, Parents' Day, and Prize Distribution Ceremony on a memorable Saturday. The event, pulsating with enthusiasm and camaraderie, witnessed esteemed guests, dedicated educators, proud parents, and talented students coming together to celebrate the school's journey of excellence and achievement.

Visionary Insights from Distinguished Guests:

Dr. Mahashram Sharma, Chairman of the National Examination Board, inaugurated the ceremony with insightful remarks. He emphasized the importance of equal responsibility between the state and private educational institutions, highlighting the need for a balanced approach towards student welfare. Additionally, he reassured attendees about the imminent introduction of the Systematic Education Act.

Stakeholder Perspectives on Education:

Pabson Central Vice President Krishna KC expressed optimism about Shanti Niketan's pivotal role in Pokhara's educational landscape. He voiced concerns about the treatment of private educational institutions by the state, urging for fair treatment and recognition of their contributions.

Ravi Baral, former principal of Gandaki Boarding School, underscored education as a catalyst for consciousness transmission. He emphasized the cultivation of cultured students and advocated for a balanced educational approach that transcends biases.

Empowering Educators and Recognizing Excellence:

The ceremony honored veteran educators for their unwavering dedication and service spanning over a decade. Teachers such as Hem Subedi, Suraj Adhikari, Apsara Koirala, Sangeeta Thapa, Shusheela Adhikari, Santosh Malla, Rachna Pokhrel, and Narayani Parajuli were commended for their invaluable contributions.

Celebrating Academic Excellence:

Outstanding students who excelled in the SLC examinations were awarded the prestigious Shanti Niketan Ratna Medal, symbolizing their exemplary achievements. Dr. Rabin Katuwal enlightened attendees about skillful parenting, emphasizing the crucial role of parents in nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

Demonstrating a commitment to social service, the school established a renewable fund of 50,000 at the Senior Citizen Meeting Center Pasryang. This initiative reflects the school's ethos of fostering community engagement and contributing positively to society.

Acknowledging Teaching Excellence:

Jamuna Bhujel, Sunita Koirala, and Bhuwani Prasad Adhikari were honored as the best teachers in their respective sections, recognizing their dedication to imparting quality education and nurturing young minds.

Presidential Leadership and Program Facilitation:

The ceremony, presided over by school President Krishnamani Bhutryal, exuded warmth and inclusivity. Assistant Principal Yaduvilas Bhutryal extended a warm welcome to attendees, while examination coordinator Hem Subedi skillfully conducted the proceedings, ensuring a seamless and memorable event for all.

In essence, the 18th Anniversary, Parents' Day, and Prize Distribution Ceremony at Shanti Niketan School Pokhara encapsulated the spirit of unity, achievement, and community engagement, reaffirming the school's commitment to educational excellence and holistic development.

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