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The British College Announce Registration Open for Hult Prize 2023

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The British College Announce Registration Open for Hult Prize 2023

Due to its great success last year, The British College is excited to announce that in 2023 they will once again be hosting The Hult Prize.

Established by The Hult Prize Foundation - a global platform for entrepreneurship, innovation, and start-ups - The Hult Prize is a forum for aspiring participants to present their ideas to a panel of judges and compete to obtain a seed investment of $1 million dollars. 

The Hult Prize is a United Nations-based programme that is organised in 120 countries for university-level students every year with different themes based on SDG goals and this year the theme is “Redesigning Fashion”.

The Hult Prize was established at The British College in 2019 and became one of only two teams in the whole of Nepal to be nominated for the Central South Asia Programme of the Year award. And as a result, TBC organizers Grisham Tiwari and Sandeep Yadav were sponsored by TBC to attend the event, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

This year, Miss Prajolita Bista has been appointed as Campus Director for the Hult Prize and will be the first woman to take this position. Joining her will be two DCDs, Sandeep Yadav and Sujit Gyawali, and 20 Committee Members  - and together they have already begun planning the event.

The team has also already started doing some great work. On 14th September, on the occasion of National Children's Day, the Hult Prize committee joined St.Xavier's School alumni to raise funds to donate materials to an NGO which looks after children who are victims of sexual assault. And on 27th September 2022, Miss Bista held a meeting where she discussed more upcoming events.

She also confirmed that registration will be open till mid-November and welcomed enthusiastic TBC students to begin applying. Interested participants are requested to form a team of three to five members from the same university (with one member allowed to join from another institute).

So, for more information or to sign up now - just follow this link. 


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