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Two-Day Educational Conference Kicks Off in Hetauda

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Two-Day Educational Conference Kicks Off in Hetauda

Two-Day Educational Conference Kicks Off in Hetauda

The two-day National Educational Conference commenced on Friday, Jestha 11, 2081 (May 24, 2024), in Hetauda, the capital of Bagmati Province. Bagmati Chief Minister Salikram Jamkattel inaugurated the event.

Event Details

Organizer: Makwanpur Multiple Campus
Location: Hetauda, Bagmati Province
Dates: Jestha 11-12, 2081 (May 24-25, 2024)
Participants: Approximately 300 professors and researchers from over 60 campuses nationwide.

Conference Theme

The primary theme of the conference is "Challenges of Higher Education: Job Creation, Sustainability, and Reducing Dropout Rate." Dr. Yam Bahadur Silwal, Head of Makwanpur Multiple Campus, emphasized that the event aims to address and resolve issues affecting higher education. The conference seeks to create a supportive environment for higher education by discussing the challenges faced by individual, community, and private campuses.

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Dhruva Kumar Gautam: Vice Chancellor, Central Western University
  • Hriday Ratna Bajracharya: Advisor to the University Grants Commission and former Vice-Chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University
  • Meena Kumari Lama: Head of Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City
  • Dr. Tej Bahadur Karki: President, Nepal Philosophical Research Center
  • Dr. Dashrath Neupane
  • Dr. Chiring Lama: President, Idea Studio Nepal
  • Dr. Niranjan Devkota: Research Head, Kathmandu Model College
  • Dr. Meen Pun: Professor, Prithvi Narayan Campus
  • Saurabh Lohani: Assistant Director, University Grants Commission
  • Lal Narayan Bhandari
  • Dr. Tara Shrestha

Objectives and Goals

The conference is designed to:

  • Identify and discuss the problems faced by quality-assured campuses.
  • Develop and implement solutions to enhance higher education.
  • Ensure continuous quality assurance in higher education institutions.

Supporting Organizations

The event has garnered support from various organizations, including:

  • Ministry of Social Development, Bagmati Province Government
  • University Grants Commission
  • District Coordination Committee Makwanpur
  • Nepal Philosophical Research Center
  • Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City
  • Makwanpur Industry and Commerce Association
  • Industry Association Makwanpur
  • Narayani Transport Traders Association

Dr. Silwal expressed gratitude for the support provided by these organizations, which has been instrumental in organizing the conference.

This educational conference is a crucial step towards addressing the significant challenges in higher education, focusing on job creation, sustainability, and reducing dropout rates. The insights and solutions discussed during this event are expected to pave the way for a more robust and resilient higher education system in Nepal.

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