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CTEVT Notice for Submit Exam Form for Diploma Level (Partial / Regular)

Exam 21 Jul 2022 1994 0

CTEVT Building

Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Control of Examination Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Urgent notice regarding filling of application form for regular/partial examination of diploma level semester examination system

Diploma in Engineering, Food and Dairy Technology, Information Technology, Hotel Management, and Social Works program in CTEVT's private, partnership, community schools, and private level educational institutions 2nd-year 1st section and 3rd year 1st section regular/partial examination conducted in the month of Bhadra/Ashwin 2079 Since; The deadline for the candidates to submit the exam application form is 2079-04-19 for a regular fee and 26-04-2079 with late fee. This notification has been published so that the concerned educational institutions must fill out the examination application form from the students.

Also, this notification has been published for the information of all those concerned with the practice of disqualifying students from educational institutions who do not fulfill the following conditions and who do not submit the application form within the specified time.

Also, under the Special Technical Education Scholarship Program (Dalit, Muslim, Endangered Castes and Earthquake Affected), students of various programs who have been admitted and registered since the academic session 2073/2074 (2016 Ad) and the students of the second year first section and the third year first section examinees will take the regular/partial examination. You will be able to fill out the exam application form.

(Notice published date: 2079-04-05)