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Nepal Army Announces Examination Schedule for Prabidhik Upa Senani

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Announces Examination Schedule for Technical Positions

The Nepal Army has released vital information regarding the upcoming competitive written examinations for the positions of Prabidhik Upa Senani (Technical Upa Senani). Aspiring candidates should mark their calendars and prepare accordingly.

Examination Schedule and Guidelines

  • Initial Advertisement Dates: 2080/03/29 and 2080/04/05
  • Examination Schedule Notification Date: 2080/07/16

Key Instructions for Examinees

To ensure a smooth examination experience, the following guidelines have been issued:

  • Writing Tools: Only use dot pen / pen with black ink on the answer sheet.
  • Admit Card: Mandatory for entry, and must be presented upon arrival one hour before the exam start time.
  • Prohibited Items: Mobile phones are not allowed inside the examination hall.
  • Exam Schedule: The exam will proceed on the scheduled date, irrespective of unexpected holidays, unless otherwise informed by the Commission.
  • Answer Guidelines: For objective questions, incorrect answers incur a 20% penalty. Capital letters A, B, C, D must be used for multiple-choice answers.
  • Identification: Carry the admit card and a valid Nepali citizenship or government-issued ID card.
  • Health Protocols: Follow the Government of Nepal's health safety decisions and the Commission's standards for examination management, especially amid the Covid-19 situation.

COVID-19 Special Considerations

  • Face Masks: Wear a mask before entering the examination center.
  • Personal Hygiene: Bring personal sanitizer and drinking water.
  • Timeliness: Arrive at the examination center 1 hour early.
  • Social Distancing: Maintain a 2-meter distance and avoid crowding at entry and exit points.
  • No Grouping: Refrain from forming groups and engage in discussions within the examination premises.
  • Compliance: Follow all instructions given by the examination personnel diligently.

Special Provisions for Covid-19 Infected Candidates

  • Special Examination Center: Will be arranged for those infected with Covid-19.
  • Prior Notification: Candidates must inform the Nepal Army in advance if they are Covid-19 positive.

Notice Issue Date: 2080/7/16

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