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1,712 Graduating in the 27th Convocation Ceremony (Second Phase) of Kathmandu University

News 28 May 2022 185 0

Kathmandu University KU

A total of 1,712 graduates from various faculties will be graduating in the 27th Convocation Ceremony (Second Phase) of Kathmandu University.

Indigenous and foreign students studying at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of the university will be initiated on the 20th of Jestha (June 3, 2022). Undergraduate and postgraduate students including 11 Ph.D. and MPhil 43 in Arts, Education, Engineering, Management, Science, and Medical sciences will be initiated in the program.

The percentage of male students is 60.28 (1032) and the percentage of female students is 39.72 (680). There are 157 foreign students from nine countries including India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, USA, Australia, China, Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Germany.

According to the university, five students will be awarded degrees in the program for the first time in the history of Kathmandu University. By the time of the 27th Convocation, 38,336 students have passed from Kathmandu University so far.