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38,970 Students Participated in SEE Exam in Karnali Province

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38,970 Students Participated in SEE Examination in Karnali Province

On 31st March 2023, a total of 38,970 students in Karnali Province participated in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). The SEE started at 8 am in 179 examination centers located in various districts of the province.

Gender Ratio in Examination

Out of the total examinees, 19,301 were male students while 19,679 were female students. The number of female students participating in the SEE was slightly higher than male students.

Highest and Lowest Number of Examinees

As per the data provided by Deepa Hamal, Director of the Education Development Directorate, Karnali Province, the highest number of examinees was in Surkhet while the lowest number of examinees was in Dolpa. A total of 9,139 students from Surkhet, which has 32 examination centers, participated in the SEE examination. On the other hand, Dolpa had only 698 examinees in 4 examination centers.

Number of Examinees in Different Districts

In Rukum West, which has 3 examination centers, 4,216 students participated in the SEE examination. Salyan had 4,983 students participating in the SEE examination in its 25 examination centers. In the Himalayan districts, the number of students and examination centers was comparatively low. For instance, Humla had 1,234 students in 6 examination centers, while Mugu had 1,666 examinees in 7 examination centers.

Increase in Examination Centers

According to Director Hamal, the number of examination centers increased by 3 compared to the previous year. However, there was not a significant increase in the number of students. Out of the total number of examinees, 37,900 were regular candidates, while 1,070 were candidates for grade enhancement.

Overall, the SEE examination is crucial for students in Nepal as it determines their eligibility for higher education. The government of Nepal has been taking various measures to improve the quality of education in Karnali Province and ensure that students receive a quality education.

Published on 31 March 2023

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