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Demolition Recommended for Building of Nepal Sanskrit University in Basantapur

News 23 Nov 2023 471 0

Demolition Recommended for Building of Nepal Sanskrit University in Basantapur

Demolition Recommended for Building of Nepal Sanskrit University in Basantapur

Kathmandu, November 23, 2023 – A significant development has emerged in Kathmandu's urban landscape, as a committee, led by Sunita Dangol, Deputy Head of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has advised Mayor Balen Shah to demolish a dilapidated building currently occupied by Nepal Sanskrit University. This building, located in the southern part of Basantapur Dabli, is reported to be in a precarious condition, posing a threat to public safety.

Technical Report Highlights Risk

A detailed technical report has raised alarms about the building's structural integrity. It indicates that the building, damaged severely in the 2015 earthquake, has reached a state where it could collapse at any time, potentially leading to loss of life. The report's findings have been a critical factor in the committee's recommendation.

Decision-Making Process and Committee's Role

The decision to propose demolition followed thorough deliberations during the 13th executive meeting of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City on February 23, 2023. The committee, including Ashaman Sangat, Chairman of Ward No. 8 and Coordinator of the Heritage Committee, and Macharaja Maharjan, Chairman of Ward No. 23, was tasked with assessing the building’s condition and managing the related public land issues.

Community Involvement and Legal Compliance

In an attempt to address community concerns, a petition signed by 32 locals was submitted on November 5, 2023, highlighting fears over potential property damage. Following legal protocols for government land use and registration, the committee has adhered to the provisions of the 2079 law, ensuring that all actions are within the legal framework.

Comprehensive Evaluation by Experts

A specialized team, including Engineer Jeevan Regmi, Architect Engineer Amit Bajracharya, and Architect Engineer Gaurav Shrestha, conducted an extensive evaluation of the building. Their report, submitted on November 20, 2023, confirms the building's critical state, with extensive damage to its structure, including fallen windows and severely cracked floors.

Historical Significance and Future Steps

The building, registered under the name of Tribhuvan University Central Student Welfare Branch and used by Nepal Sanskrit University, holds historical value. However, its origins and the purpose of its construction remain unclear. The Metropolitan City has indicated that records potentially inside the building will be recovered during the demolition process.


This situation presents a challenging scenario for Kathmandu's authorities, balancing the need for public safety with the preservation of historical heritage. The proposed demolition, while addressing immediate safety concerns, also opens up discussions on urban renewal and heritage conservation in the rapidly evolving cityscape of Kathmandu.