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Kesharjung Baral Appointed as Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University

News 22 Feb 2024 506 0

Kesharjung Baral VC of TU

Kesharjung Baral Appointed as Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University (TU)

In a significant development for Tribhuvan University (TU), Prof. Dr. Kesharjung Baral has taken the helm as the 20th Vice-Chancellor. This prestigious appointment was announced by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of Tribhuvan University, marking a new chapter in the institution's leadership. Dr. Baral, a seasoned academician and former Vice-Chancellor of Pokhara University, brings a wealth of experience to his new role at TU.

Background and Academic Credentials

Dr. Baral boasts an impressive academic background with PhD from Delhi University, India. He is a professor in the Faculty of Management and has a notable tenure as a professor at the Prithvi Narayan Campus in Pokhara.

His previous leadership role as Vice-Chancellor of Pokhara University, from 2064 BS to 2068 BS, underscores his capability and experience in university administration.

Implications for Tribhuvan University

Dr. Baral's appointment is expected to usher in a period of enhanced leadership and academic excellence at TU. His proven track record in university management and academic scholarship is anticipated to align well with TU's goals of academic excellence and innovation.

The university community looks forward to Dr. Baral's strategic vision and leadership in driving forward TU's mission of providing high-quality education and fostering research and development.

Selectoion Process of VC:

The selection process for the Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University is a carefully designed evaluation framework aimed at identifying individuals with outstanding leadership, academic excellence, and visionary capabilities. This process emphasizes a holistic review of candidates, covering various aspects crucial for leading a premier educational institution. Candidates' professorial tenure in higher education is a significant component, with up to 10 marks allocated based on years of service, highlighting the value of academic leadership and teaching excellence. Academic qualifications are also crucial, with a maximum of 5 marks for achievements in higher education, underlining the importance of formal education in shaping leaders. Administrative experience in leadership roles within educational institutions is acknowledged, offering up to 4 marks to reflect the importance of managing complex organizations. Publications, especially academic and research books with an ISBN, are highly valued, with up to 5 marks available, rewarding scholarly contributions to the academic community.

Leading academic research projects is another key area, with candidates able to earn up to 6 marks, emphasizing the role of research in advancing knowledge. The most significant portion of the evaluation is dedicated to the candidate's vision and professional work plan for the university, accounting for 35 marks. This includes articulating a comprehensive vision for quality enhancement and strategic planning, alongside a four-year professional work plan that incorporates a SWOT analysis and strategic improvement areas.

Presentation skills are critically evaluated, with 20 marks assigned based on candidates' ability to coherently present their vision and plans, demonstrating an understanding of reforms, analytical skills, and innovative thinking. Lastly, interview performance is assessed on insights, alignment with national and international practices, and logical reasoning, with 15 marks reflecting the candidate's ability to articulate their vision and effectively respond to challenges in higher education. This robust selection process ensures that the appointed Vice-Chancellor is not only academically proficient but also a visionary leader capable of navigating Tribhuvan University toward a future of excellence and innovation.

This new leadership appointment is a testament to TU's commitment to excellence in higher education and its dedication to nurturing a learning environment that promotes growth, innovation, and scholarly achievement. The university stands on the cusp of a new era of leadership under Dr. Baral, aimed at enhancing its stature both nationally and internationally.

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