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Ministry of Education Notice Bulletin 2080 Poush 1

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Ministry of Education Building

Ministry of Education Notice Bulletin 2080 Poush 1

Enhanced Braille Textbook Production: In an inclusive education move, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in Nepal has issued a call for technical and financial proposals for printing and distributing Braille textbooks. These textbooks are crucial for visually impaired students across grades 1 to 12, ensuring equal access to education.

  • Textbook Specifications: The textbooks will adhere to international standards, with a robust GSM cardstock cover and precise dimensions to ensure durability and ease of use.
  • Submission Deadline: Proposals must be submitted within 15 days of notice issuance, with a clear emphasis on quality and cost-efficiency.

Teacher Payment Policy Update

Nepal's education authority clarifies that the payment of salaries and other titles for teachers sourced from private funds must align with existing laws. This measure ensures transparency and proper fund allocation within the educational sector.

  • Salary Source Scrutiny: All schools must strictly utilize government-approved funding sources for staff remuneration, maintaining financial integrity.

Progressive Steps in Curriculum Delivery

The Curriculum Development Center (CDC) has taken significant strides towards integrating curriculum training with technology-enhanced learning methods.

  • Integrated Curriculum Training: The CDC has introduced methods combining traditional training with digital resources, fostering an environment conducive to modern learning practices.
  • Resource Availability: Educators and students can now access self-study materials and training resources directly from the CDC website.

Community School Staff Management

Recent communications from the Ministry of Education highlight the need for meticulous management of community school staff, ensuring they are appointed and managed as per government directives.

  • Staff Appointment and Adjustment: Community schools are advised to comply with the local government's staffing decisions and manage their staff rosters accordingly.

Streamlining School Assessment Processes

The Teacher Service Commission of Nepal emphasizes the importance of accurate data entry into the Education Management Information System (EMIS), urging schools to ensure data integrity.

  • Accurate Data Entry: Schools are required to verify and update their assessment data, which plays a pivotal role in the nation's educational planning and resource allocation.

Disability Screening Initiatives

The government has underscored the importance of disability screening in schools, ensuring that children with disabilities receive the necessary support and resources.

  • Screening and Support: Local schools are urged to participate in disability screening programs to foster an inclusive learning environment for all students.

Curriculum Assessment and Audio-Visual Learning

The CDC announces the availability of audio-visual learning resources, enhancing the educational experience for students across Nepal.

  • Audio-Visual Resources: Schools can now access a wide range of educational materials in audio-visual formats, supporting diverse learning preferences and needs.

Engagement in Distance Learning

To further educational reach, the CDC encourages the use of distance learning tools, including televised lessons available for a broad spectrum of subjects.

  • Distance Learning Opportunities: Televised lessons offer students a flexible way to continue their education, accommodating various learning environments.

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