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Ministry of Education Regular Bulletin 2024 January 1

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Ministry of Education Regular Bulletin 2024 January 1

Local Level School Infrastructure Development Committee

The Education and Human Resource Development Center, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, hereby issues a notice in accordance with Section 6 of the School Physical Infrastructure Construction Standards, 2080. The notice pertains to the formation and facilitation of a local level school infrastructure development committee. This initiative is a significant step towards assessing, planning, and enhancing the physical and technical aspects of school infrastructures within the local jurisdictions.

Committee Composition and Mobilization

The proposed committee will be constituted with diverse expertise, including but not limited to:

  • Coordinator of the local infrastructure committee or a relevant sub-committee.
  • Officials from planning and program departments.
  • Technical experts (engineers).
  • Environmental sector representative.
  • Gender equality and inclusion officer.
  • Head of the education branch.

Key Responsibilities

The committee will undertake the following crucial responsibilities:

  1. Review the physical condition of schools at the local level.
  2. Develop a master plan for the expansion and rehabilitation of school infrastructures.
  3. Enhance the protection of school physical infrastructures.
  4. Make recommendations on schools needing physical construction and development.
  5. Oversee and implement tasks related to school infrastructure.
  6. Identify and mitigate negative environmental and social impacts of school construction and rehabilitation.
  7. Address complaints about gender and sexual violence, bullying, and other violent acts in schools.
  8. Consult the local disaster management committee and execute assigned tasks.

Execution of the Annual Program

For the current fiscal year 2080/081, the committee will also lead the implementation of the approved annual program, which includes:

  • Capacity building through workshops.
  • Conducting school physical description surveys and mapping.
  • Mobilization of technical staff for data entry in IEMIS.
  • Orientation for school principals and teaching staff on IEMIS.
  • Preparing a school mapping report to aid decision-making on school permissions and integrations.

Action Required

It is requested that the concerned local level authorities form the aforementioned committee and ensure its effective mobilization in accordance with the stipulated guidelines. The commitment and collaboration of all stakeholders are imperative for the success of this initiative.


Submission of Proposals for Grants to Manage School Buses for Large Schools

The Education and Human Resource Development Center, as part of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, is pleased to announce the availability of grants for the management of school buses. This initiative is in accordance with the approved annual program for the fiscal year 2080/081 and is aimed at facilitating transportation for students in large schools established by adjusting or merging schools.

Scope of the Grant

The grant is intended to support large, adjusted schools in managing school buses, thereby ensuring safe and convenient transportation for students.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested schools that meet the following criteria are encouraged to submit their proposals:

  1. School Status

    • Must be a licensed or approved community school operating up to Class XII.
  2. School Management Committee

    • Must have an established school management committee according to the rules.
  3. Adjustment and Merger

    • Must have adjusted or merged with two or more schools within the academic sessions of 2077/2078/2079/2080.
  4. Student Population

    • Must have a minimum of 1,800 students in Terai, 1,200 in the hills, and 600 in the mountains.
  5. Accessibility

    • Must be located on a reliable road easily accessible for at least two months.
  6. Financial Commitment

    • Must commit that the school itself or the local level will bear the costs of fuel, maintenance, and driver/co-driver for bus operation.
  7. Recommendations and Compliance

    • Must have a recommendation from the local level and Education Development and Coordination Unit along with a commitment to comply with the School Bus Directory 2074 issued by the Department of Transport Management, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Nepal.

Proposal Submission and Updates

  • Deadline: Proposals must be submitted to the Education and Human Resource Development Center by the end of 2080 Poush along with the necessary recommendations.

  • Previous Applicants: Schools that submitted proposals for the bus management grant last fiscal year need not reapply. However, any updates (e.g., number of students, adjusted schools, motor vehicles, subjects taught) must be submitted within the specified time limit.


  • Schools that have received support from the provincial government or local government for bus management in the last academic year and the current school year are not eligible.

Additional Information

  • Further details, including the format of the proposal, can be viewed on the center's website at

Published on January 1, 2024


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

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