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Name List of Awardees on the Occasion of Constitution Day 2078

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Name List of Awardees on the Occasion of Constitution Day 2078-1

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) published a name list of various honors and awards on Constitution Day 2078. The various honor and awards will be distributed by President Bidhya Devi Bhandari on the occasion of Constitution Day celebrates on 2078 Ashoj 3 (19th September 2021). Please find the name of honors and awards in the following list.

On the occasion of the Constitution Day, President Bidyadevi Bhandari has given various decorations, ornaments and medals to 903 people. She provided the decorations on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers in accordance with Article 277 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal.


Nepal Ratna to one person, Rastra Gaurav to two persons, Mahaujjal Rashtradeep First Class to five persons, Famous Prabal Janasevashree First Class to five persons, Ujjwal Kirtimaya Rashtradeep Second Class to one person, Suprashidda Praval Janasevashri Second Class to 24 persons, Sukirtimaya Rastradeep III to 39 persons According to the Office of the President, 161 third-class students, eight national class IV class eight students, Prabal Janasewashri IV class 319 people and Janasewa Shri fifth class 190 people have been awarded.

Similarly, Rastra Yashovardhak Alangkar has been awarded to four persons, Nepal Seva Praveen to two persons, Samajseva Ratna to 21 persons, Nepal Pratap Subhushan to 34 persons, Atipaurakh Bhaskar to seven persons, Nepal Pratap Abhushan to 24 persons, Mahapurakh Bhaskar to three persons and Nepal Pratap Bhushan to 16 persons.

The President has awarded National Service Medal to three first-class persons, Sukirti Medal to 10 persons, Sagarmatha Medal to seven persons, Bravery Medal to seven persons, Vikas Ratna Medal to one person, and Natural Disaster Relief Medal to nine persons.