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National Examination Board (NEB) Amendment in Letter Grading Guidelines

News 09 May 2023 6221 0

NEB-National Examination Board

NEB Amendment in Letter Grading Guidelines

The National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal, under the Government of Nepal, has recently made an important amendment in the letter grading guidelines. This notification aims to inform all concerned parties about the revised clause (e) of sub-section (2) regarding the participation of students in annual examinations.

Amendment Details:

According to the updated guidelines, students who fail to obtain the specified grade in either regular or grade enhancement examinations will now have the opportunity to participate in the annual examination. However, this provision is applicable for a maximum of three years, specifically for the subject in which the specified grade was not achieved.

Implementation of the Guidelines:

In light of this amendment, the NEB requests the cooperation of the state examination management and branch offices in effectively communicating this information to schools within their service areas. The implementation of this provision will commence from the annual examination of class 12 for the academic year 2080.

Importance of the Amendment:

This amendment provides an opportunity for students to improve their grades and enhance their academic performance. It acknowledges that students may face challenges in achieving the desired grade initially and offers them a fair chance to succeed in subsequent annual examinations.

Benefits for Students:

  1. Extended Opportunity: Students who have not obtained the specified grade can now participate in the annual examination for up to three years in the respective subject, giving them additional time to improve their understanding and performance.

  2. Academic Progression: This provision supports students in their academic progression by allowing them to work on specific subjects where they faced difficulties, ultimately helping them meet the necessary requirements for higher education or career aspirations.

  3. Motivation and Confidence: The opportunity to retake the examination can boost students' motivation and confidence. They can dedicate additional effort to master the subject, potentially achieving the desired grade and building resilience along the way.

  4. Holistic Evaluation: The amendment ensures a more comprehensive evaluation of students' abilities by considering their performance over multiple attempts. It emphasizes growth and development rather than solely relying on a single examination outcome.

  5. Fairness and Inclusion: The provision promotes fairness and inclusivity by recognizing that students' academic journeys may vary, and some may require more time and support to excel in specific subjects. It offers equal opportunities to all students to improve their grades and succeed.

The recent amendment in the letter grading guidelines by NEB reflects a student-centric approach, aiming to support academic progress and inclusivity. This provision allows students to participate in annual examinations for a limited period, focusing on the subject in which they did not obtain the specified grade. By providing extended opportunities and promoting holistic evaluation, the NEB strives to foster educational growth and ensure a level playing field for all students.

Published on 9th May 2023