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NEB Class 12 Examination Starts from Today

News 15 Sep 2021 398 0

NEB-National Examination Board

The National Examination Board is starting the annual examination of class 12 from Wednesday. Examination, which was earlier postponed due to coronavirus, is being conducted. The exam will run till September 24, 2021. Krishna Prasad Sharma, Controller of Examinations, NEB (Class 11 and 12) said that most of the students have been vaccinated against the coronavirus and the examination is being conducted on the assumption that the infection will be controlled gradually. It is said that all the necessary preparations have been completed for the examination.

Earlier, it was decided to conduct the examination from August 15, 2021, but the NEB had postponed it at the last minute. This time, 374,000 students will participate in the Class 12 examination.

The arrangement has been made for the students to take home examinations (taking the examination in the school where the student has studied). A home center facility has been provided to the students as it may be inconvenient for them to go to other schools for examinations. Four thousand 315 examination centers have been fixed for the examination this time.

Controller of Examinations Sharma informed that the board will collect the answer scripts of the students and test them in its own way. He said that the answer scripts are being collected due to low infection. In the examination of class 12 last year, it was arranged to test the answer scripts at the examination center itself.

Meanwhile, NEB has stated that the results of class 12 students will be published without wasting the academic session of the students. The results will be published by the end of November or December, said Controller of Examinations Sharma. After this, the way will be opened for the students of class 12 for graduation.

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