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NEB to Prepared Single Registration Process for Secondary Level (Class 9 to 12) Education

News 20 Oct 2022 268 0

NEB-National Examination Board

The National Examination Board (NEB) has started preparations to complete secondary education through a single registration. The board is preparing to implement from the current academic session, after the registration of the students in class 9, the final education at the school level will be maintained till class 12.

According to the chairman of the NEB, Dr. Mahashram Sharma, currently, students have to fill out the registration form twice at the secondary level, which has added a double financial burden to the students. According to the current system, students have to fill out the registration form twice at the secondary level, in class 9 and class 11. Registration also has to be paid twice for the same level. Now after registration in class 9, the board said that SEE, class 11, and class 12 will be completed.

According to Chairman Sharma, NEB has formed a technical committee and is coordinating all technical matters. Effective from this time, the board is making arrangements to maintain the registration till class 12 after the students complete their registration in class 9. NEB gives continuity based on the data filled in the same registration in classes 10th and 11th. It also reduces the financial burden on students and parents. Errors in name, surname, and date of birth are also reduced.' According to him, the name of the student's district, state, municipality, and school is also attached to the registration number, so the board is working to shorten it.

In the past, Class 11 and 12 were managed by the Board of Higher Secondary Education. Currently, the constitution itself has established the basic level from Pre-School to 8th grade and the secondary level from 9th to 12th grade. He said that since the school structure only works on two levels, the board has proceeded accordingly.

Currently, the system of maintaining the code numbers of the schools participating in the SEE by different agencies has caused a lot of confusion, so the board is preparing to maintain uniformity in the codes of the schools participating in the examination. The code numbers maintained by the Education and Human Resource Development Center and the Board are different for the same school. As this will cause problems in identifying the school, it will now be arranged that the board and the center will jointly maintain the same code number of the school.

Also, the board is preparing to digitize the historical documents of the statistics from the year 1990 when SEE started in Nepal. Since the inception of SEE, the board has started to manage the evidence online. This year all paperwork will be managed online. Also, the board has moved forward to do all the work of the academic certificate for classes 11 and 12 online. All these works will be completed in the current financial year. Since the registration number is long, the board is working towards making it shorter. Since the registration number codes the district, state, municipality, school, etc., the board has started work through the technical committee to reduce it.

As per the provisions of the SEE exam question paper, the board itself prints the question paper and verifies the result. The board has given the responsibility of conducting the rest of the examination to prepare the results for the provinces by revising the regulations. The Education Act should be amended to give the entire responsibility of SEE to the provinces.