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Nepal Police Headquarters Issues Absentee Notice 2080 Mangsir 10

News 26 Nov 2023 960 0

Nepal Police Notice

Nepal Police Headquarters Issues Absentee Notice 2080 Mangsir 10

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Nepal, through the Nepal Police Headquarters, Naxal, has issued a critical notice, underscoring the importance of accountability and adherence to regulations within the Nepal Police force. This notice, aimed at police personnel who are absent without official leave, mandates their appearance and explanation for absenteeism within a seven-day window, excluding the deadline day. It highlights the adherence to Rule 115 of the Police Regulations, 2071, emphasizing the consequences under Rule 113 and the opportunity provided for clearance as per Rule 109 (b) (1).

Key Points of the Notice

  • Target: This notice is directed towards specific police personnel who have been voluntarily absent from their assigned offices.
  • Mandatory Appearance: The concerned individuals are required to present themselves at the office. Their absence has been noted as they have not maintained contact despite the completion of processes mandated by Rule 115 of the Police Regulations, 2071.
  • Deadline for Response: Absentees are instructed to report to the office or the issuing authority within seven days from the publication of this notice, excluding the deadline day.
  • Requirement for Explanation: These personnel must provide a satisfactory explanation for their non-appearance.
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to comply with this notice will result in actions under sub-rule (1) of Rule 113, Section (f) of the Police Regulations, 2071, pertaining to the offense category A.
  • Opportunity for Clearance: In accordance with rule 109 (b) (1) of the Police Regulations, 2071, this notice also serves as an opportunity for the concerned personnel to clear themselves as per Part 4 of Schedule 14 of the said regulations.

Publication Date of the Notice

  • The notice was published on 2080/08/10.

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