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Nepalese Chemist Prof. Dr. Hemraj Pant Named Fellow of Prestigious TWAS

News 14 Nov 2023 752 0

Prof Dr Hemraj Pant

Nepalese Chemist Prof. Dr. Hemraj Pant Named Fellow of Prestigious TWAS

Kathmandu, November 14, 2023 – In a significant acknowledgment of his contributions to science and technology, Prof. Dr. Hemraj Pant from Nepal has been selected as a Fellow of 'The World Academy of Science and Technology' (TWAS). This prestigious appointment positions him among the world’s leading scientists and technologists, especially representing South Asia.

A Lifetime Achievement and Opportunity

Prof. Dr. Pant, the esteemed Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the Institute of Engineering (IoE), Pulchok Campus under Tribhuvan University, is now a lifetime member of TWAS. This honor grants him the opportunity to both represent and be eligible for election within the academic assembly of this international organization. TWAS, which comprises around 1,400 academic members, recognizes exceptional contributions in the science and technology fields.

Prof. Dr. Pant’s Distinguished Career and Contributions

Having been selected for his notable publications and research in chemical engineering, Prof. Dr. Pant's selection highlights the significant contributions made by professionals from underdeveloped countries. In addition to his academic role, he is also the President of the Nepal Professors Association, Pulchok Campus Unit.

This selection adds to the growing list of Nepalese scholars in TWAS, following the footsteps of Prof. Dr. Dayanand Bajracharya, Prof. Dr. P.K. Jha, Prof. Dr. Vishal Nath Upreti, and Prof. Dr. Vijaya Pant. Prof. Dr. Pant expressed that such recognition plays a vital role in enhancing the development and promotion of the science and technology sector in Nepal.

About TWAS

The World Academy of Science and Technology, headquartered in Italy, was established in 1983 under the leadership of Pakistan's physicist Nobel laureate Abdus Salam. The organization, which represents both developed and developing countries, aims to foster knowledge exchange and skill development in science and engineering fields. Prof. Dr. Pant's selection into TWAS is not just a personal achievement but also a significant milestone for Nepal's presence in the global scientific community.