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Nepal's Literacy Rate Increases by 10.4% in 10 Years

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Nepal Literacy Rate in 2078 census

Nepal's Literacy Rate Increases by 10.4% in 10 Years

Nepal's literacy rate has made significant progress in the last decade, with an increase of 10.4% according to the National Census 2078 report released by the Central Statistics Department on Friday. As of now, the literacy rate of Nepal stands at 76.3%.

Male and Female Literacy Rates

The literacy rate of men has reached 83.6%, while that of women has reached 69.4%, showing an increase for both genders. However, there is still a significant gap of 14.2% between the literacy rate of men and women.

Comparison with the Previous Census

Compared to the 2068 census, the overall literacy rate has increased by 10.4%. In the previous census, the male literacy rate was 75.1%, and the female literacy rate was 57.4%. Currently, the male literacy rate is 8.5% higher than the female literacy rate.

Nepalis Living Abroad

According to the report, more than 21 lakh 90 thousand Nepalis are living abroad in Nepal, and this number is two lakh 69 thousand 98 more than the national census of 2068. In the Census 2078, 82.2% of those living abroad were men, and 17.8% were women.

Age Group

The age group of 15 to 19 years has the highest percentage of the total population, according to Deputy Chief Regmi. However, in the 2068 census, this age group was between 10 and 14 years.

Overall, Nepal has made considerable progress in literacy rates in the last ten years, with an overall increase of 10.4%. Although the gender gap remains significant, the improvement in the literacy rate of both men and women is a promising sign. Furthermore, the number of Nepalis living abroad has increased significantly over the years, with men comprising the majority of this demographic.

Sure, here's a table format for the statistics mentioned in the given information:


Census 2068

Census 2078

Increase (2068-2078)

Overall Literacy Rate




Male Literacy Rate




Female Literacy Rate




Nepalis Living Abroad




% of Men Living Abroad




% of Women Living Abroad




Note: The "-" sign indicates that the data was not mentioned in the given information for the respective category.

Published on 25th March 2023

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