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Rastriya Kitabkhana (Teacher) Notice to Submit Property Details of the Teacher

News 06 Jul 2022 1337 0

Rastriya Kitabkhana (Shikshak)

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Rastriya Kitabkhana (Teacher) [School Teacher Record Office - STRO] Museum Road, Cantonment, Kathmandu Urgent information regarding the submission of property details of the teacher for the year 2078/2079

1) Pursuant to Section 50 Sub-section (1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059 and Section 31 (a) of the Authority Abuse Investigation Act, 2046, each teacher shall, within 60 days of the end of the Fiscal Year Since there is a legal provision to submit details; Property details of the permanent teachers working in the community schools under that district for the fiscal year 2078/07, Nepal Gazette Part 5 Section 60 No. 1 dated 2067-1-6. Please make arrangements to send to Gari and Rastriya Kitabkhana (Teacher).

2) In order to submit the property details of the permanent teachers for the year 2077/078, the person / person should go to Rastriya Kitabkhana (teacher) and submit the property details to the education development and coordination units of the concerned district. And the units will have to send the lump sum of all the school teachers of the district from 2079-4-1 to 2079-5-29 through Rastriya Kitabkhana (Teacher) as soon as possible. Contracts, relief, child development teachers, school staff, etc. working in the school will have to submit their work to the local level and the local level will have to register and keep the details safe. This library will be open for the purpose of registering property details after the public holiday on the last day of submission of property details.

3) As the teachers on study leave, extraordinary leave and other leave, long tenure or suspension are holding public office, it will be the responsibility of the teacher concerned to submit the property details within the time limit.

4) Even the teacher who has retired within the fiscal year 2078/79 (i.e. from 2078-4-1 to 2079-3-31) will have to submit the property details as mentioned above.

5) The record will not be kept as if the property details received after the specified date have not been received.

6) Property details received by post within the stipulated period will be recorded by entering PIS. However, records will not be kept if the property details received after 60 days have not been received.

7) The property details form is available on the office's website

9) Property details registration information will be obtained from SMS on the mobile number mentioned by the concerned teacher.

 (Information published date: 2079-03-22)