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Teacher Record Office Notice for Property Detail Submission 2078-79

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Teacher Record Office Notice for Property Detail Submission

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, National Library (Teacher), Museum Road, Cantonment, Kathmandu notice Regarding submission of property details of 2077/078

Pursuant to Section 50 Sub-section (1) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059 and Section 31 (a) of the Authority Abuse Investigation Act, 2045, every teacher is required to submit updated property details including the source of assets in his or her family's name within 60 days of the end of the financial year. Since the provision.

Property Details of permanent teachers working in community schools under that district for the year 2077/078 Nepal Gazette Part 5 Section 60 No. 1 dated 2067-1-6 by filling the property details form as per the format prescribed in the notification of the Government of Nepal, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and mentioning the following details It is requested to make arrangements to send it to the National Library (Teacher).

(Information published date: 2078-03-20)