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Tribhuvan University Central Library Now Open 24/7

News 06 Nov 2023 725 0

Tribhuvan University Central Library

Tribhuvan University Central Library Now Open 24/7

Kathmandu, Nepal - Tribhuvan University has made a significant leap in supporting its students' educational journey by announcing that its central library will now be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This move is set to benefit those who struggle to find a quiet place to study during public holidays, early mornings, or late evenings.

Fostering a Reading and Research Culture

The decision by the university is seen as a step forward in counteracting the decline in library attendance, which experts attribute to the rise of social media and digital distractions. By keeping the library open around the clock, TU aims to encourage students and working professionals to engage more with academic texts and resources.

A Haven for Knowledge Seekers

The central library, a treasure trove with over 430,000 books and numerous reference materials for all university courses, is striving to support the intellectual growth of its patrons. The 24/7 operating hours are intended to revive the tradition of in-depth study and research, which has seen a downward trend in recent times.

Welcoming a Wider Audience

Since the extension of operational hours, the library has witnessed a surge in attendance, with roughly 1,000 individuals utilizing its facilities daily. The new hours are particularly beneficial for students who have expressed appreciation for the accessibility of library resources during the evening and night hours.

A Commitment to Academic Excellence

The initiative, spearheaded by the TU Central Campus Free Student Union, reflects a commitment to academic excellence and knowledge acquisition. It encourages students to step away from social media and immerse themselves in their studies within the library's conducive environment.

Challenges Ahead

Despite the positive steps taken, the library faces staffing challenges, operating with only 30 individuals out of a potential 97 positions. This gap highlights a need for increased support and resources to ensure the library can fully serve its community.

Tribhuvan University continues to lead by example, showing that with adaptability and innovative thinking, educational institutions can overcome the hurdles of modern distractions and support their students in achieving academic success.

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