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Tribhuvan University Expands Postgraduate Nepali Studies to All Graduates

News 28 Nov 2023 217 0

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Tribhuvan University Expands Postgraduate Nepali Studies to All Graduates

In a significant educational development, Tribhuvan University, a prominent institution in Nepal, has recently announced a new opportunity for students across various disciplines. As of 28 November 2023, the university is extending its academic offerings, allowing graduates from any field to pursue postgraduate studies in the Nepali subject. This decision, aimed at broadening academic horizons, stems from a series of discussions and approvals by the Nepali Subject Standing Committee, the Academic Council Standing Committee, and the Academic Council Standing Committee.

Inclusive Educational Opportunities

  • Broadened Eligibility: This initiative marks a departure from traditional subject-specific prerequisites, welcoming students with a bachelor's degree in any field.
  • Accreditation Recognition: Students who have completed their bachelor's level from any university recognized by Tribhuvan University are also eligible, provided their degree is equivalent to the bachelor's level of the University.

Official Announcement

Prof. Dr. Khagendra Prasad Luitel, the Head of the Department, formally announced this significant educational reform. The notification outlines the eligibility criteria and signifies a progressive step in making postgraduate education more accessible and inclusive.

Impact on Higher Education

  • Interdisciplinary Learning: This move promotes interdisciplinary learning, encouraging students from diverse academic backgrounds to engage with the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of Nepal.
  • Enhancing Language Studies: By opening doors to a wider range of students, Tribhuvan University aims to enrich the study and appreciation of the Nepali language at a higher academic level.

This decision by Tribhuvan University reflects a growing trend in higher education to foster interdisciplinary studies and provide more inclusive educational opportunities. By allowing students from varied academic backgrounds to pursue postgraduate studies in Nepali, the university is not only enhancing the scope of language studies but also promoting cultural understanding and academic diversity.

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