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Tribhuvan University Warns of Consequences for Unauthorized Studies and Research

News 31 Mar 2023 466 0

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Tribhuvan University Warns of Consequences for Unauthorized Studies and Research

Tribhuvan University (TU) Coordinating Division has issued a notice warning teachers and employees in the permanent service of the university of consequences if they conduct studies and research without proper approval. The department emphasized that those who wish to pursue further study and research work to obtain an academic degree must first seek pre-approval from the office of the Chancellor.

Pre-Approval Required for Recognition of Degree

The notice highlights that obtaining a degree without pre-approval may lead to problems regarding the recognition of the said degree. However, the department has given an opportunity for teaching staff who are studying at the MPhil and Vidyavaridi level in universities that meet the criteria to submit their application for pre-approval within 30 days.

Prior Approval Required for Teaching and Research Work in Other Universities

The department also requires prior approval from the monitoring directorate with the recommendation of the working department/campus or office and the relevant dean's office to take MPhil and master's level classes in other universities outside TU or to act as a research director. Failure to do so may result in the process of action being taken forward as per TU rules.

Stay Compliant and Obtain Pre-Approval for Further Studies and Research

The notice serves as a reminder to all teaching staff and employees in the permanent service of TU to remain compliant with the university's rules and regulations regarding studies and research. Obtaining pre-approval before pursuing further studies and research is crucial to ensure the recognition of degrees and to avoid potential consequences.

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