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Ujir Singh Secondary School Marks Diamond Jubilee

News 23 Dec 2023 1006 0

Ujir Singh Secondary School Marks Diamond Jubilee

Ujir Singh Secondary School Marks Diamond Jubilee with Grandeur in Butwal

In an event steeped in history and pride, Ujir Singh Secondary School in Butwal celebrated its Diamond Jubilee on Saturday, marking 60 years of educational excellence. The ceremony, a blend of commemoration and forward-looking aspirations was inaugurated by the former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Paudel. In his address, Paudel paid homage to Ujir Singh's legacy in protecting Nepali land, noting that the school, established in his honor, carries a distinguished reputation.

Highlighting the school's developmental journey, Paudel emphasized the necessity of support from local, state, and federal governments for swift infrastructure enhancement. He proposed an innovative educational program about Ujir Singh, aiming to imbue students with a sense of historical pride and knowledge. The slow pace of infrastructure development in the Lumbini area was also addressed, along with the announcement of a major road expansion from Tinau Bridge to Gorusinge, expected to significantly bolster regional development.

The event also saw contributions from local dignitaries and former students, including Bhoj Prasad Shrestha, Yama Prasad Dhakal, and Narendra Basnet, who reiterated the school's commitment to providing continuous quality education under the philosophy of nurturing today's students into tomorrow's leaders. The school's principal, Padmaraj Gyawali, reflected on the educational landscape since the school's inception, emphasizing its steady growth on a 5 dhur land plot.

A special moment was the honoring of individuals like Dhruv Bahadur Khadka and Engineer Sushil Gyawali, who played pivotal roles in the school's infrastructure development, as acknowledged by Bimal Bahadur Shakya, Chairman of the School Management Committee.

Adding to the jubilee's significance, the school released 'Ujir Sandesh 2', a memorial book edited by Mahendra Thapa. This publication delves into various aspects of Ujir Singh's life and contributions, as well as the historical and cultural significance of the Jitgarhi Fort. The book not only serves as a tribute to Ujir Singh but also campaigns for his recognition as a national hero, highlighting his profound impact on the region and the nation.

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