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Urgent Need for Quality Improvement in Engineering Education: Lessons from Nepal's License Exam

News 31 Mar 2023 271 0

Nepal Engineering Council

Low Pass Percentage in Engineering License Examination Conducted by Nepal Engineering Council:  Need for Quality Improvement in Engineering Education

According to recent data, only 28.5% of students passed the engineering license examination conducted by the Nepal Engineering Council. Out of 1,981 participants, only 565 passed the exam.

Low Pass Percentage Among Students Studying Abroad

Registrar Shivmangal Giri stated that among the participants, those who came to Nepal after studying abroad and took the exam failed. Only 15% of the 400 people who came to study in the country passed the exam.

Pass Percentage Based on Universities

46% of the candidates who participated from Tribhuvan University passed, while only 30% of the candidates from Pokhara and Purvanchal University passed. However, there is no separate data on how many candidates from other colleges participated in the exam and how many passed.

Need for Quality Improvement in Engineering Education

Registrar Giri emphasized the need to improve the quality of education in the engineering field based on the low pass percentage. He believes that schools and teachers should play an important role in improving the quality of education.

Importance of Quality Education in the Engineering Field

Registrar Giri also stated that the risk of building weak structures increases if the license is handed over as soon as the engineering course is passed, and the quality decreases. Therefore, quality education in the engineering field is of utmost importance.

Most Passed Candidates in Civil Engineering

Most of the candidates who passed the exam were from civil engineering, as they were examined in 20 categories. There were 1,153 people in civil engineering.

New Rule for Obtaining Engineering License

The Engineering Council did not conduct exams for engineering students in the past, and they worked as engineers by obtaining a license based on their pass certificate from a university. However, a new rule has come into force that requires passing the council exam and obtaining permission to work in any engineering-related business.

Call to Immediate Action

  • Conduct an assessment of engineering education programs across all universities and colleges to identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop standards and guidelines for engineering education, ensuring that all universities and colleges meet these standards.
  • Increase funding for engineering education programs to improve the quality of education and attract qualified faculty.
  • Provide support to universities and colleges to develop and implement effective teaching methods, including practical training and internships.
  • Strengthen the licensing examination process by ensuring that it is fair, transparent, and objective.
  • Increase awareness among engineering students and professionals about the importance of the licensing examination and the need for quality education.
  • Encourage collaborations between universities and industries to ensure that engineering education programs are aligned with industry needs.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these recommendations on a regular basis and make adjustments as needed to improve engineering education and quality control in Nepal.

Published on 31st March 2023

Nepal Engineering Council

Naxal, Kathmandu

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