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Pre-Diploma Level Free Classified Scholarship 2079 Apply Online -CTEVT

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Pre-Diploma Level Free Classified Scholarship 2079 Apply Online CTEVT: Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTVT), Control of Examination Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Very important information about filling out the online application form for the entrance exam in the pre-diploma level classified (free) scholarship quota in the academic session 2079-080

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), examination control office will conduct the pre-diploma level educational programs according to the details in the academic session 2079-080 in accordance with the "Guidelines for the pre-diploma level entrance examination, scholarship distribution and admission 2079" / When the application form is duly requested from Nepali citizens who have qualified according to the details for admission to the classified (free) scholarship quota determined in the approved constituent, partnership, TECS and private educational institutions within 29th of Shrawan 2079; This notice is published for the information of all concerned. Applicants who have met the minimum qualifications will have to fill the Online Application Form by choosing the primary school and the district of the examination center where they will study by paying the entrance examination fee.


1) Classified (free) scholarship information: Regardless of the number of students enrolled at the pre-diploma level in the educational institutions run by the Council at the individual, partner, community, and private levels, scholarships will be provided to Nepali citizens in the following quota numbers in each educational program.

Courses and Number of Scholarship Quota:

Courses  Total Scholarship Seats
1) Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) 660
2) Pre-Diploma in Livestock Production-Animal Health Pre-Diploma 249
3) Pre-Diploma in Veterinary Science 99
4) Pre-Diploma in Forestry 5. Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering 399
6) Pre-Diploma in Electrical Engineering 123
7) Pre-Diploma in Electronics Engineering 3
8) Pre-Diploma in Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering 6
9) Pre-Diploma in Survey Engineering 72
10) Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering 132
11) Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 17
12) Pre-Diploma in Automobile Engineering 19
13) Pre-Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering 3
14) Pre-Diploma in Hotel Management 5
15) Pre-Diploma in Culinary Art 9
16) Pre-Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development 6
7) Pre-Diploma in Social Mobilization 9
18) Pre-Diploma in Computer Application and Secretarial Management 3

(Notice published date: 2079-04-12)

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