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Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Nepal Ban Sewa 2080

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Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Nepal Forestry Service (Ban Sewa) 2080

The Public Service Commission, Central Office, Kamalpokhri Information and Publication Branch is inviting applications for the unranked posts of various groups of Nepal Forest Service, to be filled permanently through a competitive examination.

Interested candidates must meet the required qualifications and apply through the commission's online application system at

Examination Details

  • Type of Examination: Physical Test, Fitness Test, Practical Test, Written, and Interview.
  • Examination Center: To be determined by the offices related to the center advertisement. Candidates will be required to give the examination from the center under the office in which the application form has been filled for advertisement.

Application Procedure

  • Application Fee: Rs. 200/- (two hundred) for each advertisement. An additional fee of Rs. 100/- (one hundred) is required for candidates applying in additional advertisements towards inclusive groups.
  • Last Date for Submission of Application: 2080/3/19 with a grace period till 2080/3/26.
  • Method and Place for Submission of Application Fee: The fee can be paid electronically or by printing a bank voucher with the Master ID and transaction reference number, and paying cash at the designated bank.

Candidate Requirements

  • Age Limit: As of 2080/3/19, candidates must be at least 18 years old and not exceeding 35 years old. For women and disabled candidates, the maximum age limit is 40 years.
  • Last Date for Submission of Application Fee: The prescribed examination fee or double fee must be compulsorily submitted by 2080/3/27 at the latest.

Examination Schedule

The schedule for the physical test, fitness test, practical test, written test, and interview will be published for candidates whose applications are accepted. Please note, only those candidates who pass the physical test and fitness test will be eligible for the written test in the case of forest guard and game scout posts.

Details of the work to be held in the post:- Service, group, sub-group related

Salary:- As per prevailing scale.

Ministry of Service:- Ministry of Forests and Environment

Minimum Required Qualification

  1. Forest Guard, Forest Service, General Forestry Group: Physically fit and passed eight classes from a recognized educational institution.
  2. Game Scout, Forest Service, National Parks and Wildlife Group: Physically fit after passing eight classes from a recognized educational institution.
  3. Mahut, Forest Service, Hattisar group: Able to read simple script, healthy and able to climb trees and ride elephants.

Physical Fitness Test Scheme for Forest Guard and Game Scout Posts

(a) Physical Examination

Candidates need to meet the following criteria:

Sl.No. Description Male (Minimum) Female (Minimum)
1 Height 5 ft 2 in (5' 2") 5 feet
2 Chest 31 - 33 Inch ( 31 - 33" ) 31 - 33 Inch ( 31 - 33" )
3 Weight 50 Kg 42 Kg
4 Eye test + 2 to -2, No color recognition defects + 2 to -2, No color recognition defects
5 Color Vision Test No color recognition defects No color recognition defects

Note: Only candidates who meet the above criteria will be eligible for application.

(b) Fitness test

Sl.No. Description
1 200m race
2 3000m race
3 Jump up the stance
4 Swimming

Note: Events will be conducted sequentially, candidates who fail in the previous event will not be allowed to participate in the subsequent event.

Practical Examination for Mahut

Sl.No. Description
1 Know how to tie, untie and drive an elephant in general

Note: The practical test and interview for the post of Mahut will be conducted on the same day. The final result will be published according to the merit order of practical test and interview.

Additional Points to Note

  1. Candidates must self-declare physical fitness for Forest Guard and Game Scout posts and reading, physical fitness, tree climbing and elephant riding abilities for Mahut posts.
  2. Candidates must declare having met minimum qualifications.
  3. First stage physical examination, fitness test and practical tests will take place only at designated places.
  4. By the last date of application, the candidate's age should be in accordance with the service's laws and regulations.
  5. Applications will not be accepted if not filed within the deadline or if the minimum qualification or other specified details are not disclosed.
  6. Candidates appearing for physical test/fitness test and practical test and passing the written test before interview.
  7. Copies of educational qualification and full certificate of citizenship must be submitted in advance.
  8. Examinations based on open and inclusive competition will be conducted jointly at one time in one sitting.
  9. Candidates must use only black ink in the written examination answer sheet, otherwise the examination will be cancelled.
  10. The results of the selected candidates from the open and inclusive written examination will be published in alphabetical order.
  11. Candidates who are selected in the written test must fill the priority order of the offices before attending the interview.
  12. Candidates who have been selected through the written test for the inclusive group will not be allowed to choose the preference of the inclusive group.
  13. The order of merit obtained after all the tests and the priority of the offices chosen by the candidate will be recommended for appointment.
  14. The syllabus can be obtained from the Commission's website.

Additional Documents for Inclusion Candidates

Candidates who want to apply for inclusive group advertisements should submit the following documents along with the application form.

(a) Tribals/Tribals: Certified document of the caste listed in the Nepal Tribal/Tribal Upliftment National Foundation Act. (b) Madhesi: Certified document by the Government of Nepal. (c) Dalits: Certified document for castes listed by the National Dalit Commission. (d) Disabled Persons: Disability identification card issued by the Social Welfare Council or the disability identification card issued by the relevant local level. (e) Backward Areas: Certificate of permanent residence in the district mentioned in sub-section (7) of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049.

Note: If the necessary documents are not attached at the time of application, the application may be cancelled at any time.

Publication Date: 2080/2/31

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