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Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited Vacancy for CEO

Vacancy 19 Apr 2024 1320 0

Rastriya Banijya Bank Building

Notification regarding the appointment of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited

Since the vacant position of chief executive officer in Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited has to be filled based on open competition, the Act on Banks and Financial Institutions, 2073, the integrated instructions of Nepal Rastra Bank, issued by Nepal Rastra Bank, required qualifications and work for the appointment of directors and chief executives of banks or financial institutions.

Following the experience regulations 2074, Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited Chief Executive Officer Appointment Procedure 2080, interested eligible Nepali citizens who have obtained the following minimum educational qualification and work experience within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of publication of this notice for the first time (within office hours, This notification has been published for the information of all concerned to apply to the Secretariat of the Board of Directors at the Central Office of Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited, Singha Durbar Plaza, Kathmandu, on the next day (on the next day of office opening, if it is a holiday).

1) Minimum educational qualification and work experience:

(1) Master's Degree in Management, Banking, Finance, Monetary, Economics, Commerce, Accounting, Statistics, Accounting, Mathematics, Business Administration or Law,

(2) Chartered Accountancy or Graduate Degree in Management, Banking, Finance, Monetary, Economics, Commerce, Statistics, Accountancy, Mathematics, Business Administration, or Law in the Banking and Financial Sector, Government Agency, Organization, University or similar work Having at least ten years of work experience at the official level or above in an international association or organization, (3) having met the criteria set by Nepal Rastra Bank regarding the appointment of the executive head.

2) Documents and details to be submitted along with the application:

(1) When the candidate submits the application form, documents confirming educational qualification, work experience, copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, detailed personal details (Bio Data) including email, telephone, mobile number, home and/or office address, the candidate should submit at the end of each page. It should be signed and submitted in a separate envelope along with two passport-size photographs. (2) Candidates must submit their professional action plan in a sealed envelope along with their application. Candidates may not write name or any sign in the inner page of the Sealed Business Plan in such a way as to reveal their identity.

(3) If the candidate is serving in any agency while submitting the application, the departmental approval of the serving agency must be attached.

(4) Certificate of Nepalese citizenship certificate of educational qualification and copies of documents to confirm work experience should be verified by the applicant himself and submitted with the application. Candidates who have studied at a foreign university must also submit the equivalency certificate obtained from Tribhuvan University.

3) Along with the application, the following written statement must be verified and attached by the applicant himself:

(1) Not being a member of any political party.

(2) He or any member of his family is not involved in the contract or any movable/immovable property transaction with this bank or has no personal interest in this bank.

(3) Not found guilty by a court of any criminal charges involving corruption, money laundering, banking offenses or moral turpitude.

(4) He has not been convicted of corruption dishonesty or fraud and has not been involved in adultery.

(5) Not included in the blacklist of the Credit Information Center.

(6) Tax payment certificate for the financial year 2079/80.

(7) Having no personal title left in his name.

(8) Act on Banks and Financial Institutions, 2073, Integrated Instructions issued by Nepal Rastra Bank, Regulations on Necessary Qualifications and Work Experience for the Appointment of Managers and Executive Heads of Banks or Financial Institutions issued by Nepal Rastra Bank, 2074 and other prevailing Nepalese laws.

4) Professional action plan to be submitted:

Candidates must also submit three copies of the business plan (Business Plan) and a soft copy (Pen Drive) prepared with their application, not exceeding 5,000 words (excluding the schedule). While preparing the professional action plan, it should be prepared on the basis of the terms of reference (TOR) prescribed for the chief executive officer and the points to be submitted in the professional action plan contained in the procedures for the appointment of the chief executive officer of Rashtriya Commercial Bank Limited 2080.

5) Basis and process of selection:

(1) In the evaluation of the candidate's educational qualification, work experience, and submitted professional work plan, the candidate who has scored at least 60 (sixty) percent of the points (as far as possible 5 (five) candidates) will be selected (shortlisting) for the professional work plan. Shortlisted candidates will be selected for the presentation at the specified time.

2) However, according to the Bank and Financial Institutions Act, 2073, the Bank or Financial Institutions Manager issued by Nepal Rastra Bank and Candidates who do not meet the criteria for the appointment of the executive head and do not submit the prescribed documents and who have not received the application properly will not be shortlisted Based on the evaluation of the plan and the presentation of the professional work plan and the merit of the marks obtained including the interview, the three people who get the highest marks will be recommended to the board of directors in alphabetical order.

(3) If less than four applications are received, the said application will be kept and the notice of application will be published within 3 (three) working days after the expiry of the deadline, giving an additional 15 (fifteen) days. If more than four applications are not received even within the extended deadline, the process will be continued according to the number of applications received.

(4) Candidates selected for the presentation and interview should attend the presentation and interview with their educational qualification, work experience, certificate of Nepali citizenship, and other documents submitted along with the application.

6) Remuneration related details: The chief executive officer will be provided monthly salary, allowances and other benefits as determined by the board of directors in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the contract.

7) Other details:

(1) Procedure for filling the post of Chief Executive Officer, 2080 and the application form can be obtained from the website of this bank.

(2) The name or any other sign shall not be written in the sealed professional work plan so as to show the identity of the candidate.

(3) When submitting the application, it should be mentioned on the outside of the envelope, "Application for the post of Chief Executive Officer of Rashtriya Comercial Bank Limited / Professional Action Plan".

(4) The sub-committee may cancel the application received in accordance with this notification with or without stating any reason. (5) If false details or documents are submitted, the application received will be canceled and will be sent in writing to the relevant agency for necessary action according to the prevailing law.

(6) For more information regarding this, visit the secretariat of the board of directors of the central office of this bank or phone no. Can be contacted at 01-5721220 (Extension 2817, 2819, 2815).

(First Published Date : 2081/01/07)

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