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Master Degree


3 Years

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Full Time




Nepal Medical Council


The MCh (Master of Chirurgiae) in GI Surgery is a postgraduate surgical course focused on the diagnosis and management of complex gastrointestinal disorders. It emphasizes hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest surgical techniques.

Course Outlines: The course covers topics like upper GI surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, colorectal surgery, endocrine surgery, trauma and emergency surgery, surgical oncology, and advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Duration: The course is of 3 years' duration.

Objectives: The objective of the course is to produce highly trained and skilled surgeons who can diagnose and treat complex GI surgical problems with ease.

Eligibility: The candidate must have an MBBS degree or equivalent recognized by the Nepal Medical Council and completed a one-year internship. Candidates must also be registered with the Nepal Medical Council.

Learning Outcomes: After completion of the course, students will be able to diagnose and treat complex GI surgical problems, perform advanced surgical procedures using laparoscopic and other techniques, and manage critically ill patients.

Scope: The course provides opportunities for the student to gain expertise in managing complex surgical problems related to the GI system. Graduates of the program can pursue careers in public and private hospitals, academic and research institutions, and in private practice.

Career Prospects: The course opens up several opportunities in the field of GI surgery. Graduates can work as GI surgeons, surgical oncologists, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeons, and colorectal surgeons.

Career Options: Graduates can pursue a career in academic institutions, research institutes, hospitals, and private practice.

Why Choose this Course: The course provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn the latest surgical techniques in the field of GI surgery. It is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in a career in surgery.

Scholarship: BPKIHS provides scholarships to deserving students based on their academic performance and economic background. Students can also apply for external scholarships offered by various organizations.

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