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10th National Science Day 2079 Ashoj 1

Event 17 Sep 2022 1423 0

10th National Science Day 2079 Ashoj 1

The fact that science and technology play a major role in the development and prosperity of the country has been proven by the rapid economic and social development of developed countries in a short period of time. Therefore, we also need to make science and technology the basic basis of development and prosperity.

The Constitution of Nepal accepts science and technology as the main drivers of development and has adopted a policy of increasing investment in scientific studies, research, and innovation, upgrading and developing of science and technology, and protecting scientific, technical, intellectual, and special talents.

In this context, we all need to be committed to accelerating the economic and social development of the country by encouraging the development of science and technology and the culture of innovation in all sectors and genres.

For this, it is necessary to identify talents scattered inside and outside the country and make the best use of their knowledge and skills, use modern technology and methods in all development activities and create an environment for developing knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

Today, there is a need to emphasize on the maximum use of science and technology for balanced and sustainable development. Likewise, it is necessary to move forward in a way that fulfills the changing needs of the society by modifying, upgrading and modernizing our specific traditional knowledge, skills and technology.

The government is committed to increasing investment in the field of science, technology, research and innovation and encouraging scientists, students and researchers to deploy them in the overall development of the nation. The support, cooperation and partnership of the private sector is equally necessary and important in the efforts of the government.

In recent years, Nepal has been able to achieve great progress in the fields of information and communication technology, e-commerce, distance education, etc. through the highest use of science and technology. There is a possibility to achieve significant progress.

The government is active in the development and expansion of science and technology by strengthening the political, legal, and institutional arrangements to promote investment, prepare more scientific manpower in the country, create an environment for high study and research for scientists, and encourage innovation and innovation in the country.

Due to the rapid development and upgrading in the field of science, technology, and innovation, we are all experiencing changes in our lives every day.

By informing everyone about the contribution that science, technology, and innovation can make to the overall development of the nation and the remarkable work done in this field, to keep the morale of science, technology, and innovation high and increase the taste and interest of future generations towards this field, today is the National Science Day every year. is celebrated.

To make the Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2076 realistic, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has intensified preparations to conduct the Science Technology Development Campaign for ten years from next year.

To reduce dependence on science and technology, there is a need to advance commercial research work in the country. For this purpose, the government of Nepal should take seriously the issue of increasing investment, increasing cooperation and cooperation between public, non-governmental, private, and foreign organizations, and creating a suitable environment.

The government of Nepal aims to cooperate with foreign and national regional international organizations such as BIMSTEC, CERN, ICGB, SAARC, IAEA, UNCTAD, and others in the field of research and development while further promoting science diplomacy.

Similarly, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development, it is necessary to advance science, technology, and innovation in an integrated manner and concentrate the investment in scientific research and innovation in the areas of national priority, and develop cooperation and partnership between academic institutions, research bodies, and industrial establishments in this area.

On the occasion of the 10th National Science Day, 2079, which is going to be celebrated with the slogan 'Expansion of investment in science and technology: the foundation of growth and prosperity, we wish all the scientists, professionals, teachers, students, and all the activists who advocated in the field of science and technology.