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11th Pokhara Festival Scheduled from 2078 Poush 28 to Magh 9

Event 20 Dec 2021 1472 0

The 11th Pokhara Festival is scheduled to be held from Poush 28 to Magh 9. Organizer United Club Pokhara has informed about the festival.

The festival will be held at Amar Singh Chaur in Pokhara from Poush 28 to Magh 9, said Raju Shrestha, chairman of Club. The club has been working in the social sector with the money raised through the festival under the slogan "Youth is the basis of nation building".

Chairman of the club Shrestha, who is also the coordinator of the main organizing ceremony of the festival, said that the 12-day festival would help boost the tourism and overall economy of Pokhara. He informed that all the stalls have been opened for those who want to do business in the festival.

The club has been organizing Pokhara Festival at Amar Singh Chaur in Pokhara. United Club has been working on education, health, sports, tourism promotion, Seti river protection and other works.

There will be 247 stalls in the festival and more than 200,000 visitors will visit the festival, said Shanta Bahadur Thapa, coordinator of the festival publicity sub-committee.

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