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13th Chitwan Festival Scheduled from Poush 25 to Magh 4

Event 28 Dec 2021 1835 0

The Chitwan Festival is scheduled to be held from the 25th of Poush to the 4th of Magh. The festival is being held on the banks of Narayani river with few stalls as the risk of covid-19 remains.

This is the 13th edition of the festival which started in the year 2053. The festival was held every two years. The festival that was supposed to take place in Poush in the year 2077 was stopped due to covid. Udyog Vanijya Sangha Chitwan is the organizer and Bharatpur Municipal Corporation and District Coordinating Committee is the manager of Chitwan Festival.

Earlier, all the three organizations used to be the organizers. A main organizing committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Raju Shrestha of Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to Shrestha, the festival will have 350 rooms this year. In the previous festival, there used to be more than five hundred rooms. Shrestha informed that the number of rooms has been reduced as the festival has to be held due to security precautions.

The festival will also have attractive rooms with domes. Shrestha informed that the festival will also feature indigenous products from India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries.

During the festival, there will be seminars on various topics on a daily basis. Senior Vice President of the Association Chunnarayan Shrestha informed that the conference would help make Chitwan an economic hub.

He said that there will be a model house reflecting different cultures in the festival premises along with a room reflecting agriculture, tourism and art culture. According to Shrestha, more than two lakh people are expected to watch the festival. A steering committee has been formed to organize the festival.

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