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A Discussion Program Organized on Development of Nepalese Diaspora in the Northern Territory

Event 03 Dec 2022 173 0

A Discussion Program Organized for Development of Nepalese Diaspora in the Northern Territory

A discussion program about the Development of the Nepalese Diaspora in the Northern Territory has been organized in the joint effort of the Nepalese Association in Northern Territory (NANT) and Jupiter Media with the aim of informing about the growth, development, and cultural diversity of Nepalese in the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Shambhu Kandel, CEO of KBA Global and Coordinator of the Federation of Nepalese Youth Entrepreneurs, Oceania, and Executive Member of the International Business Council, inaugurated the program by highlighting the importance and need of the program.

Sunil Acharya, director of Jupiter Media, who is a co-organizer, informed that he was very happy to highlight the progress of Nepalis through his television programs and media on the program Destination Australia and the progress of Nepalis in Australia. In the program, Dilli Binadi, consultant of NANT, expressed his opinion about the Nepali community growing up and depicting the history of Nepali people. Similarly, while informing about the Nepali language, culture and Nepali cultural programs held in Darwin, NANT's former president Yuvraj Pant expressed his opinion.

Similarly, Secretary of Non-Resident Nepali Northern Territory Shivram Paudel informed about the Nepali language and culture as well as Nepal Festival and Nepali activities. In addition, while informing about the important heritage sites including Dharahara to introduce Nepal in Darwin, Sudeep Shrestha, the former president of NANT, expressed his opinion about how he was motivated to build Dharahara.

About 7,000 Nepalis are currently living in Darwin. Until 2018, only 3,000 Nepalese lived in Darwin. Some of them have even been engaged in business in Darwin. Shubash Pokharel of NANT informed regarding the issue.

Also in the program, Kandel, informed that currently Nepalis are involved in 50 different businesses in Darwin and have created jobs for 200 Nepalis.

Firoj Rana, secretary of Darwin Hearts Football Club, informed about the achievements of the Nepalese in sports in the Northern Territory. Darwin Hearts Football Club is the first Nepali football club to play Premier League at the state level.

Similarly, Sushant Khatiwada, who has completed his master's degree from Charles Darwin University, informed that he came to Darwin and learned about reality only after coming to Darwin. He says that it was only after he came here that he realized that there are many opportunities in Darwin.

Likewise, Nagendra Timilsina, a former executive member of the Charles Darwin University Nepalese Student Association, informed about the activities and role of the association.

The chief guest of the program, Dr. Scott Bowman, Vice Chancellor of Charles Darwin University, said that he was very happy to see the progress of Nepali people and said that he is aware of the necessary advice and support from the university to help the Nepali community to move forward.

Representatives from Charles Darwin University, Canterbury Institute of Management, Bayside International College, Sydney City College of Management, Darwin City College, and other educational institutions were also present in the program.

NANT president Ashishraj Kattel concluded the program by thanking all the guests present.