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Celebrating the 16th National Library Day in Nepal

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Celebrating the 16th National Library Day in Nepal

Celebrating the 16th National Library Day: A Milestone for Nepal’s Intellectual Growth

The 16th National Library Day was a monumental occasion, celebrated on 15 Bhadra, commemorating the initiative taken by King Girvan Yuddha Bikram Shah to establish a library under the name 'Pustak Chitai Tahwil'. This year, the event was organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and took place at Rasian Bhavan in Kamalpokhri. The event garnered special attention with its timely motto: 'Library for Generations.'

A Future-Ready Library in Kathmandu

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Ashok Kumar Rai, announced an exciting update for all book lovers. He stated, "A well-equipped building for the Nepal National Library will soon be established in Jamal, Kathmandu." This is a crucial development considering the growing need for well-equipped educational centers in the region.

The Need for a Reading Culture

Minister Rai emphasized the importance of cultivating a reading culture over merely gathering information. He pointed out that libraries serve as pivotal points in the journey from information to wisdom. This speaks volumes about the role libraries play in shaping the intellect of generations.

Integrating Technology: The Way Forward

The Minister of State for Education, Science and Technology, Pramila Kumari, urged for a transformative approach towards libraries. She asserted that technology and libraries need to go hand in hand for a holistic educational experience.

State Support: A Welcome Change

Former Minister Ganesh Shah expressed his contentment regarding the growing state support for the National Library Day. Unlike the early days, where the celebrations were solely a public initiative, the state has now stepped in to lend its full support.

Honoring the Heroes of Library Services

Several individuals were honored for their exemplary contributions to libraries across Nepal. The accolades went to:

  • Bhola Shrestha: Best Library Activist
  • Asha Safu Kuthi: Best Librarian from Kathmandu Raktakali
  • Jog Prasad Pandey: Best Librarian from Matrubhumi Community Library Birgha Syangja
  • Rukmini Chalise: Best Reader

The 16th National Library Day not only recognized the contributions of individuals but also set a path for the future development of libraries in Nepal. With plans for a new National Library in Kathmandu and a strong emphasis on integrating technology, the future of Nepal's libraries looks promising. Let's remember: Libraries are not just repositories of books, but the bedrock of a nation’s intellectual development.

By taking into account the significance of the day and acknowledging the important announcements made, this year's National Library Day sets an inspirational example for everyone to follow. The day serves as a yearly reminder that libraries continue to be an indispensable part of our cultural and educational landscape.

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