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DAV School Celebrates Devanagari Day on International Mother Language Day with Grandeur

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DAV School Celebrates Devanagari Day on International Mother Language Day with Grandeur

DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati Vidyalaya celebrated Devanagari Day with great enthusiasm on 22 February 2023 in the school premises in coordination with the Nepali, Sanskrit, and Hindi language departments of DAV School. This event was held on the occasion of the 24th International Mother Language Day. Teachers, students, and distinguished personalities from 18 schools in Kathmandu Valley participated in this event.

The participating schools showcased their talents in various competitions like Sanskrit verse recitation, Nepali-Hindi poetry writing, essay writing, and rhetoric. Although DAV is non-competitive in inter-school competitions, the students affiliated with DAV displayed their skills in dance and art, reflecting the literature, culture, art, and customs of various mother tongues, including Sanskrit, Nepali, and Hindi.

DAV students presented the Sanskrit welcome song, thematic Shibatandab reflecting Navras, Maghauta dance of Tharu language and culture, and Tappa dance of Magar language and culture, which left everyone spellbound. Addressing the program, school president Anil Kedia informed the participants that DAV School is continuously engaged in the development of Sanskrit language, even though it is an English medium school.

Similarly, Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Sanskrit University Prof. Dr. Yadav Prakash Lamichhane praised the talent of the students and said that he was happy to participate in the integrated platform of Devanagari language of the school. He emphasized that the teaching process can progress only if the language and script are developed.

During the event, there was also an interaction about the role of mother tongue in the teaching process, where experts presented facts and figures to highlight that the mother tongue is more effective than other languages in the development of knowledge, from thinking and contemplation to expression. They discussed how the study-teaching process can progress in a simple and fast manner if the mother tongue is used.

Despite the influence of the English language everywhere, including science, technology, and communication, the examples of how countries of the world like Korea, Japan, Germany, France, China, and Russia have built their own language and culture were expressed in the interaction program. They highlighted the importance of protecting national languages, including various mother tongues, in developing and underdeveloped countries.

In the closing ceremony, the best students of the various inter-school competitions of Devanagari Day were honored with prizes and certificates of appreciation. Principal Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rao, Vice-Principal Ramchandra Khanal, and the entire management committee were present in the program to welcome and entertain the invited guests.

The entire school family, including the head of the Devanagari language department, expressed their gratitude and grace to Bhuvaneshwari Rao's leadership. Principal Rao has been advocating for the use of the mother tongue in the learning process of the students and how it can reveal their ability and creativity on various occasions.

DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati Vidyalaya has set an excellent example of how educational institutions can play a vital role in strengthening the mother tongue in the transmission process. Such events will help preserve and promote the mother tongue and original language culture, customs, and traditions of various communities, which will ultimately lead to the development of knowledge and education in the long run.

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