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FIFA World Cup 2022 from Nov 20 to Dec 18 at Eight Stadiums in Qatar

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FIFA World Cup 2022

After four years of waiting, the world's best and most famous football players are gathering in Qatar on Sunday, 20th November for the Mahakumbh Mela of Football. The 22nd edition of the World Cup will begin after the host country Qatar plays against Ecuador on Sunday. The players of the best 32 nations who have been selected for the World Cup will be trying to show a strong presence on the field with the support of their supporters.

The Qatar World Cup will be the last World Cup to feature 32 nations. 48 nations will participate in the next edition of the World Cup, which will be held jointly in America and Mexico. This is the first World Cup held in the Middle East and Arab countries. Since Saudi Arabia participated in the World Cup in 1994, hosting the World Cup in Qatar is the biggest achievement for Arab countries. Similarly, this is the second World Cup to be held in Asia. In 2002, Japan and South Korea jointly hosted the World Cup. After 32 teams played a total of 64 matches in 29 days, the World Cup will conclude at Lusail Stadium.

The 22nd edition is also considered the last World Cup for the two best players of this generation, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Now it is almost certain that these two players will not be seen again on the World Cup field. Not only Ronaldo and Messi, but also world-famous footballers like Robert Lewandowski, Luis Suarez, Luka Modric, Dani Alves, Manuel Neuer, and Thomas Muller are seen as the last World Cup.

Also, in a big tournament like the World Cup football, the title winner cannot be fixed. But in the fight for supremacy on the stage of the World Cup, Brazil and Argentina have been considered the main title contenders this year. After that, France, England, and Spain are also assessed as the teams that can win the World Cup. It is expected that the best players like Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Kevin De Bruyne, Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, and Harry Kane will shine on the big stage to earn fame and make themselves great.

The host Qatar's main goal at home will be to reach the knockout stage. Another goal of Qatar is to win the hearts of the world by organizing successfully. Only one host nation has failed to make it past the group stage in the World Cup so far. In 2010, South Africa did not advance from the group stage despite playing at home.

In this World Cup, some of the best players have been unlucky due to injuries. France's Paul Pogba, Angolo Kante, Argentina's Paulo Dybala, Austria's David Alaba, Portugal's Diego Jota, Germany's Timo Werner, England's Rhys James, and Senegal's Sadio Mane will remain out of the field due to injury during training, despite being selected for the World Cup.

Players like Norway's Erling Haaland, Egypt's Mohamed Salah, Italy's Gianluigi Donnarumma, and Colombia's Luis Diaz will remain out of the field due to not being selected in their team. South Korea's Son Heung Min, the best football player in Asia, is also doubtful to play in the World Cup due to injury.

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