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Gandaki Polytechnic Institute Call Application for Free Training Programs

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Kaligandaki Polytechnic Institute Tanahun

Since free training will be conducted by this Gandaki Polytechnic Institute run in partnership with Pokhara Metropolitan City and CTEVT. Interested Nepali citizens who have reached the qualification as per the details are requested to submit the application within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the first publication of the notice. This notice has been published for the information of all concerned.

Training Details:

Training Courses Seats Training Duration
Junior Plumber 40 3 (Month) / 390 Hours
Motor Cycle Repairing 40 3 (Month) / 390 Hours
Assistant Kuchikar, Silai Kating Training 20 3 (Month) / 390 Hours
ECD Facilitator with Montessori Concept 20 3 (Month) / 390 Hours

Documents to be attached:

1) To fill out the trainee application form, one copy of Nepali citizenship, one copy of the photo, and a copy of educational qualification certificates, with the recommendation of the concerned local level or ward office attached. They can go to the office of Upatyaka Urban Development Committee at Rastra Bank Chowk and fill-up the form.

2) Special priority will be given to Dalit, disabled, martyr family, returnees from foreign employment, poor, conflict victims, single women, and those affected by covid.

3) Contact Date for Interview: 2078-12-16, Gandaki Polytechnic Bhandardhik

4) Trainee selection will be done through publication of initial qualification and interview. If you need more information in this regard, you can contact us on 061 560097 or 9846392870, 9849407557.

First published date: 2078-11-29

Local Government, Pokhara Municipal Corporation, Gandaki Polytechnic Institute

Gandaki Pradesh, Pokhara, Phone No. 061-560097

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Kaligandaki Polytechnic Institute

Ghiring, Tanahun

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