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Gandaki University International Conference: A Platform for Academic Innovation and Research

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Gandaki University International Conference: A Platform for Academic Innovation and Research

Gandaki University has commenced its International Conference on 'Innovation and Research on Academic Mainstream' in Pokhara, Nepal. The provincial head of Gandaki province, Prithviman Gurung, inaugurated this three-day conference, which is set to be an intensive discussion forum on critical issues in higher education in Nepal.

Challenges in the Higher Education System in Nepal

Prithviman Gurung, during his inaugural address, highlighted the challenges within the academic structure in Nepal that are compelling students to seek education overseas. His pivotal question - "Why do students not want to study in Nepal?" - signifies the urgent need for reforms.

He attributed the rising trend of students studying abroad to various distortions and anomalies in local universities. From irregularities in admissions and teaching to delayed examinations and result announcements, he pointed out multiple issues plaguing the system. The need for the university to produce students equipped with knowledge and skills was highlighted, emphasizing the imperative for educational institutions to provide timely and quality services.

Gurung also criticised the politicisation of student organizations, describing them as tools leveraged by political parties rather than supportive structures for student development. He urged the need for universities to foster an environment conducive to quality education and to avoid disruptions to studies and teaching.

Privatization and Commercialization Impacting Equal Education

Sushila Sinkha, the Minister of Social Development and Health of Gandaki Province, expressed her concerns about the privatization and commercialization of education, which is hampering the implementation of equal education. Sinkha pushed for universities to prioritize science and technology-based skill education, identifying it as a pressing need in the current times.

Vision for Pokhara as the Silicon Valley

Mahavir Pun, the founder of the Innovation Center, made a significant announcement of transforming Pokhara into a Silicon Valley within the next 15 years. Although the initial conditions might not mirror those of tech hubs like Hyderabad and Bangalore, the ambitious goal is set to elevate the city's technology and innovation landscape.

The Conference's Impact on Quality Education

Among other key speakers, Gandaki University Chancellor Ganeshman Gurung and former Chairman of the Board of Trustees Kailashnath Pyakurel assured that the university is giving equal attention to extracurricular activities for quality education.

The conference boasts of participation from researchers, professors, and students from seven countries, including Nepal. Dr. Rajkumar Thapa, the conference organizing committee's coordinator, shared that the conference would feature 91 working papers presented over 20 sessions.

In conclusion, the Gandaki University International Conference is an initiative not just to discuss but also to bring forward measures for rectifying the challenges in the education sector. The vision of a transforming Pokhara into a Silicon Valley also paves the way for Nepal to become a significant player in the global technology field.

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