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Indo-Nepal-Bangladesh Conclave-2023: Promoting Cooperation and Prosperity in South Asia

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Indo-Nepal-Bangladesh Conclave-2023

Indo-Nepal-Bangladesh Conclave-2023: Promoting Cooperation and Prosperity in South Asia

Agra, May 17 - The Indo-Nepal-Bangladesh Conclave-2023 concluded in Agra, emphasizing the importance of fostering mutual harmony and cooperation among South Asian countries for collective prosperity. The event, held on May 17, focused on addressing the challenges and solutions in contemporary media scenarios. Organized by the Press Club of India and UP Journalist Association, Agra branch, in collaboration with the SAARC Journalists Forum, the Conclave brought together journalists from Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.

Inauguration and Virtual Address

The central minister of state, Pro SP Singh Baghel, inaugurated the Conclave, while UP Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak delivered a virtual address. Deputy Chief Minister Pathak regarded journalism as the "fourth pillar of democracy," emphasizing the need to strengthen it by bridging the gap between power and journalism. He expressed concerns about incomplete and inaccurate media content that could mislead society, stating that democracy is at risk if any of its pillars weaken.

Government and Journalists: Working for Societal Betterment

Yogendra Upadhyay, Uttar Pradesh minister, urged both the government and journalists to prioritize the welfare of society and act accordingly. Recognizing the influential role of journalism in shaping public opinion, he emphasized the responsibility of journalists in serving the community transparently.

Insights and Perspectives

Senior journalist Vinod Agnihotri, serving as the keynote speaker, highlighted the potential impact of successful diplomatic endeavors, using the Agra Summit between India and Pakistan as an example. He suggested that a successful outcome could have altered the maps of the two countries, emphasizing the significance of diplomatic efforts in shaping regional dynamics.

Shiv Manohar Pandey, the State president of the Association, expressed concerns about the lack of attention given to the issues faced by rural journalists, stating that their concerns should be a priority. He opposed any restrictions on media, advocating for a free press that can effectively serve the public interest.

Raju Lama, President of the SAARC Journalist Forum, acknowledged the vital role played by journalists in safeguarding democracy in South Asia. Lama urged the Conclave to prioritize the challenges faced by journalists in Afghanistan, recognizing the importance of supporting the freedom of the press in the region.

Mohammed Abdur Rahman, the Forum's General Secretary from Bangladesh, commended India's prosperous and inspiring democracy, urging neighboring nations to learn from its achievements. He emphasized the need for other countries in the sub-region to emulate India's democratic values.

Challenges in Journalism

During the Conclave, senior journalist Arun Tripathi delivered a presentation on the challenges faced by the media industry. Tripathi shed light on the evolving landscape of journalism and the obstacles journalists encounter in their pursuit of accurate and unbiased reporting.

The Indo-Nepal-Bangladesh Conclave-2023 in Agra fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and dialogue among journalists from South Asian countries. With an emphasis on the responsibilities of the media in upholding democracy, the event provided insights into the challenges faced by journalists and the need for their voices to be heard. Through mutual cooperation and understanding, the Conclave aimed to contribute to the collective prosperity of the region.