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Kirat Rai Community being Celebrate Udhauli Festival

Event 19 Dec 2021 1710 0

Udhauli Festival

On the occasion of the Udhauli festival of Kirant Rai community, President Bidyadevi Bhandari has expressed her best wishes for happiness, peace, good health and longevity to all Nepalis at home and abroad.

In his message, the Udhauli festival of Rai, Limbu, Sunuwar and Yakha of the Kiranti community is celebrated every year from the full moon day of Mangsir to 15 days with various programs.

With the onset of winter, people, animals, and birds flock to the lake to avoid winter; The new crop brought on the occasion of Udhauli festival, which is celebrated during the migration to the valley, is worshiped by climbing the patriarch and expressing gratitude to the land for the good harvest and wishing to live with the grain.

She also said that on this occasion, young and old people of Kiranti will dance in traditional attire and enjoy Sakela dancing in the rhythm of drum and zyamta. This festival of nature and the patriarchal Kirant community, accustomed to harmonize their way of life with the natural cycle of the seasons, has enriched our original cultural tradition. "I feel that this festive occasion has highlighted the interdependent relationship between human life and nature and conveyed the message that conservation of nature and environment is indispensable for the continuity of human existence," the message said.