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Mane Festival: A Tradition of Respect and Festivity in Bargaon of Simkot, Humla

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Mane Festival

Mane Festival: A Tradition of Respect and Festivity in Bargaon of Simkot, Humla

In Bargaon, a small village situated in Simkot of Humla district, a unique tradition of respect and festivity is followed. Here, the son-in-law not only receives respect from the mother-in-law but also has to respect his father-in-law. The daughter-in-law of each Mane house in Bargaon is expected to honor her relatives once in her lifetime during the Mane Festival, celebrated in Simkot Rural Municipality-3.

Honoring the In-Laws with Red Clothes and Sweet Food

During the Mane Festival, the daughter-in-law has to show her respect towards her mother-in-law, father-in-law, uncle-aunt, and grandmother. As a symbol of respect, one has to wear red clothes and serve sweet food to them. The cost of this ceremony ranges from two to five lakh rupees, which is determined by one's financial status. It is a rule in this village that girls must follow this tradition, which is passed down from generation to generation.

A Festival of Dance and Celebration

Apart from the tradition of respect, the Mane Festival is also a festival of dance and celebration. Five women dance the Apsara dance, which is believed to bring an end to the winter season and make it easier for farmers to cultivate. There is a popular belief that after men dance with shields and swords, the ghosts that come to the village will go away. During this festival, men and women perform five separate dances, which are a source of joy and entertainment for the villagers.

The Significance of the Mane Festival

The Mane Festival in Bargaon is not just about showing respect and celebrating. It is a way of preserving the local culture and tradition, which is slowly fading away due to modernization. It is a way of passing down the values of respect, honor, and gratitude to the younger generation. The Mane Festival is a reminder of the significance of family and community, which is essential in today's fast-paced world.

Overall, the Mane Festival in Bargaon of Simkot, Humla, is a unique blend of tradition, respect, and celebration. It is a festival that reflects the values of the local community and reminds us of the importance of family and culture. The Mane Festival is a shining example of how we can preserve our culture and tradition while embracing modernization.

Published on 25th March 2025

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