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Mata Tirtha Aunsi / Aama ko Mukh Herne Din / Mothers Day in Nepal

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Mothers Day in Nepal

Every year on the day of Baishakh Krishna Paksha Aunsi (Mata Tirtha Aunsi / Mothers Day), the festival of looking at the face of the mother is celebrated with reverence and devotion by giving sweet food to the mother.

There is a classical tradition of taking this festival as a day of reverence, devotion, respect, and reverence towards the mother who is considered to be greater than Upadhyaya (Pandit), Acharya, and father in the scriptures.

Today, it is customary for children to bless their mothers by dressing them well and feeding them sweet and spicy food.

Those who are not mothers remember the great mother and her great and hard work by giving tarpan and pinda to the mother and feeding the priest with siddan.

In the Sanatan Vedic scriptures, it is said that every man and woman must pay the debt of God, human debt and patriarchal debt in life. According to Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Gautam, a theologian and former chairman of the Nepal Panchang Adjudicating Committee, the importance of mother and motherland has been shown in the Vedic Sanatan Dharma Granth as 'Janani Janmabhumishch Swargadapi Gariyasi'.

The mother is more important than others as she gives birth to the child by holding it in the womb for nine months. He also said that the importance of mother is a thousand times more than that of father. Because of its importance, the living mother is made happy by respecting her by giving her sweet food and nice clothes.

In the name of the deceased mother, tarpana, pindana and siddana are performed with reverence and devotion. According to the theologian Gautam, there is a classical belief that if the deceased mother hopes on the day of Baishakh Krishna Aunsi, she will be blessed with blessings by performing shraddha with tarpan, pindana and siddana.